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Vivid description of horrific cyclone Hudhud by my husband Jyotirmoy as we both experienced together.

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Sub —— EYE   OF   STORM   —      CYCLONE   HUD HUD


Rajeev Gandhi Memorial on Beach road

Rajeev Gandhi Memorial on Beach road

11th October    was    being celebrated   as     KARBA   CHAUTH     (a new element   to RENEW bonding between wife and husband being heavily   propagated   by   TV SERIAL   all over India).  Though there   was     a   threat of   CYCLONE   “ hud Hud”    over   Vizag, most   of us ignored   it   as,(  in    previous   occasions    of   such   alarm ) we had to cut a sorry figure   in narrating    our   absolutely “TROUBLE FREE “life    and  faced difficulty   in describing    a few   millimeter   rise of   WAVE in the   sea.

Our flat    is located on the second row of   apartments    from   beach road.

At  about   6 PM  , I   informed    my  anxious   son   and daughter     ( Mumbai   and   Delhi )  that   there  was  a clear  sky   with   visible  moon    for   Karba  chauth   calibration    .  They laughed    but    CAUTIONED     US    not to take things lightly  …

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During meditation, no matter how busied and chaotic the inner activity of your mind may be, you’re successfully meditating, because meditation isn’t about calming your mind. It’s about spending quality time with the most important person in your life: you! for full article please click here)


Colors inside

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Colors inside.

A Word A Week Photograph Challenge – Chilled

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A Word A Week Photograph Challenge – Chilled


Daily Prompt- To-Do? Done!

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Daily Prompt- To-Do? Done!- Quickly list five things you’d like to change in your life. Now, write a post about a day in your life once all five have been crossed off your to-do list.


Given a chance I would exchange my unhealthy body with perfectly healthy one.

Sickness is the root cause of my laziness, procrastination, depression, bad time management and ill temper and much more.

How I would like to change everything and become a cheerful, healthy, hard working person.

At least for one day I would like to I wake up without any pain, any uneasiness, very fresh and cheerful, to a very pleasant weather. I want to sing, dance, go for a walk, swim in the sea, and play with sand. There is so much I would like to do.

Just for today when I can write off all the negativity and fill my life with all the positive pleasant emotions.

I will,

Turn anger into peace

Fear into trust

Sorrows into happiness

Worry into caring

Mistrust into faith

Ingratitude into gratitude

Share peace and happiness with everyone

Pass on this day’s cheerfulness to others.


Happy Anniversary

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HappY Anniversary! You registered on 3 years ago.

I registered on 3 years ago! It’s ‘Happy Anniversary!’ today.

Am I happy That I registered with

Yes, very much. It has given me a chance to write about some topics which I thought I could never write with Daily Prompts especially about myself.

Writing about myself I discovered that I have some positive qualities as well as some negative also which I overlooked before.

I started writing with few lines and now I can write short stories.

I made so many friends here who encouraged me to write by appreciating posts with positive comments.

I get to read many excellent posts by other blogger friends.

Weekly Photo Challenges  helped me to  discover my love for photography.

Thanks to Team, and  to help me publish ove 500 posts which itself is a miracle for a non-writer like me and the full credit goes to

Thanks a lot for reminding me friends.

I’m grateful for your help and support.


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Aquira- Ladki hoon mein

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Aquira- This is not my story – this is a story of every other woman who has faced sexist oppression but their courage and determination remained undeterred and unshakable. I salute those women and for the rest this is a calling of the revolution that has already started!


Friends please watch this video, its awesome and please like it on youtube.

Here are the lyrics of the song, written by Shaoni Maitra.


Aage kya hain nishana,


Badh kea age dekhana,

Har mat janana,

Ladki hoon main toh kya hain?

HainekParda, hata de; Hainekdarsa, kuchalde,

Is se tu sharmana na , aage mat ruk jana na


Tumne socha ladki hoon main ghabraoongi,

patriarchal monarchy main kho jaoongi,

Quintessential “Abla nari” reh jaoongi,

aspirations paron tale kuchlaoongi,

This is where my hon you got it all wrong,

so here I am wearing pants, doing the jiggy male dance,

Walking the talk, talking the walk,

doing the jiggy male dance,


So whatcha looking at (come join in);

Hey you gyani, (stop smirking)

We know selling(and cooking),

we know finance( and romance)

Idhar Udhar Gaye mila na koi sheh,

kyoinsahusadiyoin ka yeh kathputliyon ka khel,

Andheri Tufanoin ke Teevra Diyan hoon main,

Gumnam na hone dungi tere ichha ke diya ko main,


It’s no more hazy ,

so I am ready ,

No one’s gonna stop me now Poripurno korbo shopno,

etai amar motto now; Tai rock e boshe adda mar aar jotoi pnpc kor Mulgi haath se geli keval,

Yash tiche marg jaane ; Jhagar ke, Nagar se, (Dekho iski Udaan – silence)


I know it’s not easy,

coz its easier said than done;

I am some stranger with a mic going all out on this fight But this ain’t fake,

for heaven sake; Next to the window you sit and repent kuch kash main kiya hota re….

So chalo chalo aage chalo, bado bado aage bado;

Neka neka nahin kehna re


Aage kya hain nishana,

piche choda zamana,Badh kea age dekhana,

Har mat janana, Ladki hoon main toh kya hain?

Hain ek Parda, hata de; Hain ek darsa, kuchalde,

Is se tu sharmana na , aage mat ruk jana na


Kari Rahiyo nathi dhoklas but also mota mota rokras Kanjivaram Cheeralu inka pillaley kadu Vyaparm meeda-kuda manastatvam paratha na sirafa,

but ihavi resspectable afsara So encourage her, don’t you discourage her; C’mon just believe her,

give her that helping hand chalo chalo aage chalo, bado bado aage bado;

Neka neka nahin kehna re Dhakka dhakka piche dhakka , phir bhi li hain aage Kadam…teri meri aage jeet hain re


Aage kya hain nishana,

piche choda zamana,Badh kea age dekhana,

Har mat janana, Ldki hoon main toh kya hain?

Hain ek Parda, hata de; Hain ek darsa, kuchalde,

Is se tu sharmana na , aage mat ruk jana na




Daily Prompt- August Blues

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Daily Prompt- August Blues- As a kid, were you happy or anxious about going back to school? Now that you’re older, how has your attitude toward the end of the summer evolved?


I think I was a blessed kid I had  a set of friends in neighbourhood as well as another set of friends at school.. We enjoyed our summer vacation with siblings, and friends playing whole day. My summer vacation was equally enjoyable as my schooling.Then there were relatives who visited with their kid in summer.  Life was fun. After summer vacation going back to school was another fun as I loved my school, studies, and my schoolmates. Meeting them after a long time, sharing experience with each other was also much fun which we looked forward to.

Now with age everything  has changed but   watching children playing, from my balcony whole day is much. In holidays they have time to play thrice a day.  My mornings, afternoons and in the evenings, with their chirping, laughing, chasing each other makes summer alive.

 With getting old, the end of summer brings thought of lonely mornings and evenings as children will start going to school,and will be  allowed to play only in the evening, makes me a little sad but then  they will also be yearning to go to school, meeting their friends, relaxes me. Everyone is entitled to his/her share of fun. I have learned to cope with this too.

Children playing in the park

Children playing in the park

Daily Prompt- Off the Shelf

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Daily Prompt- Off the Shelf-  Take a look at your bookcase. If you had enough free time, which book would be the first one you’d like to reread? Why?


I ask myself ‘ which book would be the first one you would like to reread ?’

Tough question as my bookcase has all my favorite books which I purchased with  money I saved and spent on books instead of cloths. Osho, Paulo Coelho, Deepak Chopra, Dale Carnegie, Robin Sharma, Brian Tracy and many more have accompanied me for many years. I never get bored reading anyone from these. I have some light comedy, suspense, detective novels also which I purchased with clear intention that they are not just one time read. Read and throw away time. I never waste money on them. Sorry, I’m drifting away.

My first purchase was ‘ STOP WORRYING AND START LIVING’ . I stumbled upon this book in my friends place and got hooked to it.

I never believe in asking solutions for my problems to others. I believe every problem comes with a solution.

I got this book at a time when my son joined Indian Navy, my daughter got married, my husband is somewhat workaholic and I was suffering from chronic some diseases and was very depressed, always worrying.

This book came as a boon to me. There are not only causes and analysis for worries but simple solutions and stories of other sufferer and how they could come over their worries.

When you read about others problems then only you realise that how tiny or petty are your problems.

Little understanding, not running away from problems, facing them, trying to find a solution, little exercise and meditation all helps.

So when I find time I reread this and one more ‘Maximum Achievement’ by Brian Tracy and recommend to others also.





सस्पेंडेड कॉफ़ी : Suspended Coffee

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सस्पेंडेड कॉफ़ी : Suspended Coffee.

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