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ForThePromptless – S. 3, E. 3 – Amphigory

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ForThePromptless – S. 3, E. 3 – Amphigory August 20, 2013 · by rarasaur · in Prompts for the Promptless. ·

An amphigory is a piece of nonsensical writing in verse or, less commonly, prose.  It often parodies a serious piece of writing.

When it comes to write a nonsense verse or poems , I Like Somkritya‘s   Insane zone best. If you are unhappy, depressed or in a bad mood just go and read one of her poem and you will come back chuckling.  If you want lessons in How to write a nonsense poem  just click on the link.


                                        It’s all about the giraffes

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                                                                                           I have always wanted to write a short poem

a poem that will be chihuahua small
will have seven to eight  lines
and not be complicated at all
not bound by bold or italics
or words that will make it too tall
but then i was struck by a thought
a thought which came with a huge pot
that if i write a poem so small
how will the giraffes read it !

They do have long black tongue which looks purple 
and their saliva is antiseptic says Dr. Curple
but that wont help them read my poem so small
giraffism is all about big and tall
so sitting on a lime
taking a lot of time
 i wrote a poem
which was big
and the giraffes read and liked it.
but now cats don’t like me at all
My nonsense verse

Rolling stones

Rolling stones gather no moss .
But you can’t say  that
they have no loss.
Always rolling,
makes their life a big mess,
Also in bargain
they get a sore ass.


My Shadow- A mystery

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Sometimes in the front of me
       Sometimes it was behind 

Sometimes on the left
        Sometimes  on the right 

Sometimes it was within me
           And sometimes just stood outside

I thought I was bigger ard better
           Far superior and tall

And it was merely my shadow
           Destined to follow me after all.

But what it did to me
            Was not at all fair

As I was no more
            And it was still lying there 

( Me and my inflated ego)


Thinking Aloud

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Life is a mixed bag of
hopes and disappointments
dreams and realities
victories and defeats
triumphs and disasters
some times you win
sometimes you loose
sometimes you have to  run against tide
sometimes you have to run with tide
compromises have to be make
don’t loose your heart
don’t complain
count your blessings
be proud of what you have achieved
keep your composure
spine stretched
shoulders straight
heart full of gratitude
head held with pride


OMG is she preaching?


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Vices ,
easy to follow
but hard to get rid off
hard to follow
but easy to get rid off
easy to make
but hard to follow
As old habits die-hard
and if they are real bad
They take more than good intentions
to get rid off

NO I'll not eat it

NO I’ll not eat it

Weekly Photo Challenge: Renewal

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Weekly Photo Challenge: Renewal

Small disagreements

Cannot break the bond of

Love and friendship

Renewal is on the card

Forgive and forget

All the differences

Shake hands

Renew friendship

And party hard

Pencil sketch by Indira


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What are friends there for ?
If not for, care,
Concern and adulation.
For being comfortable ,
In silence and in communication.
For supporting each other,
In every difficult situation.
For helping each other ,
Without any humiliation .
For accepting each other,
Without any discrimination.


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happy in their shackles
of caste, creed and community
people never try to break away
as fortune tellers parrot
happy in its captivity
with food shelter and security
never tries to fly away

Fury – Methinks

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O Hunter ! Beware of the fury

of a wounded tigress


if not treated with

love and care

Image0408and not given

what is due to her,

The revenge will be



all humanity will suffer


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The learned man said,
“The end of desire is end of sorrow”
The end of desire is end of dreams,
The end of dreams is end of life,
The end of life is end of sorrow.

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