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Five Sentence Fiction – Sunshine

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Five Sentence Fiction – Sunshine



Father while getting ready for his office called her ‘ lazy bones get up there is all sunshine waiting for you go for a walk and get some vitamin D for your bones.’

‘Just five minutes father’ she started singing loudly, ‘Give me some sunshine, Give me some rain, Give me another chance, I want to grow up once again’ , he laughed ‘ I know your five minutes, at least half an hour more you will be in bed begging sunshine and an another chance to grow.’

He went to his office and exactly half an hour later someone from father’s office was at her door ‘ your father is no more’ he said.

No…!It’s impossible, how it can happen to me…he was just 52, I’m just 2o…..just five months back I had finished my exams and have come to live with my father, life changed totally but  had to except everything and move on.

Life is so unpredictable; sometimes there will be clouds, sometimes sunshine; why not make full use of sunshine when it is still there, why take everything and everyone for granted?


FRIDAY FICTIONEERS- 7 February 2014/ Suggestion

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FF is a wonderful challenge hosted by Rochelle Wisoff, which I can hardly make on time. This time due to computer problem I could not post in time, submission were closed hence I am publishing it here just for fun.

Copyright - Dawn M. Miller

Copyright – Dawn M. Miller


Word count- 100



This was the tenth time she touched each one of the lamp, rubbing them expectantly.

Nothing happened. Not a single thought; let alone a story came to her mind.

Shopkeeper inquired curiously, whether she was looking for some magic lamp.

At first, she denied but then confessed that she was supposed to write a story on lamps but was unable to do.

‘Buy one, take home and sit staring at it, it may help.’ he suggested.

‘Will it work?’ she asked.

‘Yes, it always works for me.’

‘You come up with a story?’

‘No, it helps me sell one lamp.’

Five Sentence Fiction – Frozen

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Five Sentence Fiction – Frozen’



We human beings are very clever.

We always find an excuse to justify what we love to do.

Bobby loved non-vegetarian food.

He loved birds also and started working for The Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA) organization, but now he found it difficult to eat fresh meat, as he could not stand killing animal by himself or for his sake.

Therefore, instead of becoming a vegetarian, he started taking frozen meat, though outwardly feeling guilty, on the pretext that he was not involved in the killing process and once when it is killed, why waste it.

Five Sentence Fiction – Sparks

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It all started with a playful discussion over future planning.

They were both working couple so she told him that when they will have a child she would keep it with her mom so she does not have to leave the job.

‘Nice, so she can raise one more brat like you.’ It was just a slip of the tongue, which he regretted but the harm was done.

There was friction, spark, firework, storm and then heavy rains.

Looking around the room after aftermath, they both started laughing, she has not even conceived yet.

Six Word Story Challenge: Puzzle

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Six Word Story Challenge: Puzzle

My SWS-  PUZZLE- ???

Share, it flourishes. Suppress, it dies.






Daily Prompt: Mirror, Mirror

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Daily Prompt: Mirror, Mirror

Daily Prompt: Mirror, Mirror

Look in the mirror. Does the person you see match the person you feel like on the inside? How much stock do you put in appearances?

Photographers, artists, poets: show us MIRRORED.


Always remember that you are absolutely unique. Just like everyone else.

Margaret Mead

Always remember that you are absolutely unique. Just like everyone else.

Margaret Mead


my reflection

my reflection

Five Sentence Fiction – Clutch

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Five Sentence Fiction – Clutch




  First Encounter

My six years old brother clutched my hand tightly and pleaded ‘ don’t go to office princess’, he was   fourteen years younger than I, born with Down ’s syndrome was, he has the wisdom of a three-year old child, he always wanted me to stay at home.


He was very affectionate, loving and caring, always called me a princess, I do not know why and I always agreed to stay in spite of my boss getting angry with me, sometimes he even taunted me to leave the job and stay at home, I knew he was right but have no heart to say no to my brother.


 I agreed, spent the day with him, took him for a walk in the evening, then told him a story at bedtime and he slept.

 After few days he met with an accident, though it was just a mild push by his elder brother’s bicycle but he became very uneasy, we rushed him to the hospital where doctors said it is a brain haemorrhage and he cannot survive and had only 48 hours to live.


Sitting by his bedside, I watched him slowly succumbing to his injury, second by second lights going out of his eyes, skin becoming dull every minute, next day he was gone, without giving us time to do something for him,  this was my first encounter with death, which is embedded in my mind till now.







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FRIDAY FICTIONEERS-  hosted by Rochelle Wisoff

Copyright – Erin Leary


Word count- 103


He came to this place exactly after one year. On the same day last year his wife went missing.

He triumphantly  admired the fog, warm sunlight and water.

‘Well’ he thought, ‘if a woman madly loves a man for his looks and is foolish enough to will him all her wealth  , she obviously deserved this…’

He did not notice the bubbles on the water forming a thick fog like structure coming to him, it embraced  him tightly, he felt suffocated but could not come out of it.

Before losing consciousness, he heard a whisper in his ears ‘ you also deserve this my love’



Daily Prompt: Quirk of Habit

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Daily Prompt: Quirk of Habit

As the saying goes ‘ A chronic patient is a half doctor’ it fits me and this was my quirky habit to come up with a medicine every time someone complains of his/her problem or sickness to me. Headaches? Take this. Stomach upset?  Take this.   Apart from being a chronic patient, my maternal uncle and aunt both were Ayurvedic Doctors. I have studied a lot of books on Homeopathy so my mind was full of medicines all the time. Actually people tell you about their problems   just to share, not for advice or preaching, and here I was searching for  the root cause of their problem and what they should do or not do. I know it was annoying but I couldn’t stop myself.

Youngsters hated this habit but my mother ,my in-laws and few friends were pleased with me as they thought that I listen to their woes seriously and every time came up with a solution and that was my only solace.  since long I have corrected myself and never give advice until I’m asked for.


Five Sentence Fiction – Moments

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Five Sentence Fiction – Moments-


Moments of love she cherishes.

Moments of togetherness she relishes.

Moments of gratitude she likes to live again and again.

Moments of compassion she lingers on .

Though moments of hatred she tries to forget,

 moments of failure, she tries to forget not ,

to learn from them and move on.


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