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A Month of Mini Writing Challenges

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A Month of Mini Writing Challenges

Day 28 – Pick the title of a favourite song.  That’s your inspiration.  Now write a story inspired by it in 30 words.

( Inspiration for this story is my favorite song’ Jo Hai Sama, Kal Ho Na Ho
This very moment ,may not be there tomorrow)


Can we meet today?

Please, it’s important.

Sorry! I have some important assignment to complete.

Next day she met with an accident and was gone to leave me regretting forever.




Home-A Month of Mini Writing Challenges

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A Month of Mini Writing Challenges

A Month of Mini Writing Challenges

I stumbled upon this challenge very late. It is already 27th Sep.

The theme is –

  • Day 27 – Write a poem inspired by the theme of “home” in less than 10 lines.

Home Sweet Home

Home is where the heart is

Heart is where the love is

Love is where the compassion is

Compassion is where the understanding is

Understanding is where the friendship is

Friendship is where the compatibility is

When all these make 

The four walls and the roof

 Then there a sweet home is

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Friday Fictioneer/ Retreat

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Friday Fictioneer hosted by Rochelle Wisoff

PHOTO PROMPT © Roger Bultot

PHOTO PROMPT © Roger Bultot- Thanks for photo prompt



My spiritual guru’s voice was ringing in my head as I started climbing the stairs.

‘Each step will take you to the eternal light. Don’t look back .Surrender and you will attain enlightenment and salvation’

I thought it easy as I had nothing to lose except this sickly body which has given me nothing but miseries.

I was about to take the plunge when fear of surrendering to unknown grasped me.

Back there was at least world of known hell of addictive miseries. Whereas here was surrendering to unknown about which I was not sure.

I retreated to my hell.



Mundane Monday Challenge #78 : Learn Photography

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Quest- The daily Post

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Quest-daily Post/photo challenges

This fellow is definitely searching for food or its mate.

image4582 image4583

Saint Kabir

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Friday Fictioneers– Hosted by Rochelle Wisoff.

( My story is actually not fiction story but i take this prompt as an opportunity to write about my mother and my favorite poet.)

PHOTO PROMPT © Shaktiki Sharma

PHOTO PROMPT © Shaktiki Sharma Thanks Shaktiki for this prompt, it reminded me of my childhood.


Mother used to tell me stories of saints  while grinding spices and grains in the afternoon. My favorite was Saint Kabir’s.

She will sing his couplets and will explain its meaning.

She told me how Kabir was threatened by both Muslims and Hindus for criticizing them for their wrong interpretation of their religion.

She told me how that after his death Hindus and Muslims both went to claim his body but found nothing except some flowers instead of his body.

She explained that it is symbolic. Saints are above religion and caste. They are like flowers whose fragrance we should appreciate.




There are numerous couplets/words of wisdom by Kabir, I remember two couplets prominently-


Pahan pooje hari mile, to mein poojo pahar

Taate ye chaki bhali peece khaye sansar.

(If one can meet God by worshiping stone then I’ll worship mountain. Grinding stone is better than that, at least world can grind grains and eat.)

Kankar, pathar jod ke Maszid layi chunay

Ta chade mulla bang de, kya bahara hua khuday

( With stones they build Maszid and shout his name from the roof top as if God has become deaf.)


If God be within the mosque, then to whom does this world belong?
If Ram be within the image which you find upon your pilgrimage,
then who is there to know what happens without?
Hari is in the East, Allah is in the West.
Look within your heart, for there you will find both Karim and Ram;
All the men and women of the world are His living forms.
Kabir is the child of Allah and of Ram: He is my Guru, He is my Pir.

~ Kabir Translated by Rabindranath Tagore.

Zing- The Daily Post

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Zing- The Daily Post


Always complain  that

There is no zing in their life

Forgetting that

There are some

Who don’t have

Whatever others have

But never complain

About the unfairness of life


Bear the sting

’cause they know

All it takes to bring zing back in life is

Courage to fight, grace and a sincere smile.


Here and Now- The daily Post

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Here and Now –Choose a moment and capture it in the medium of your choice.

At last! I caught the chipmunk ( may be cousin of squirrel) on my camera. I’m loving and relishing the moment.

image4576 image4577



Moments of love I cherish.

Moments of togetherness I relish.

Moments of gratitude I like to live again and again.

Moments of compassion I linger on .

Though moments of hatred I try to forget.

 Moments of failure, I try to forget not,

to learn from them and move on.

Friday Fictioneers- Compassion

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Please click here for a wonderful story-


PHOTO PROMPT © Sandra Crook

PHOTO PROMPT © Sandra Crook (Thanks Sandra for this photograph, it brought back lots of memories of childhood.)


102 words


Rioters burned the tailor’s shop. It was opposite to our house.

When the curfew was lifted, he came and sat down in despair on seeing the ramshackle shop.

Mother called him and offered him our old singer machine for the time he could buy his own.

He was thankful and offered to stitch our clothes for free.

 Mother strongly rejected the idea.

‘You need money to buy a new machine. So start your business first and save money.’

Mother was a conservative Hindu and the tailor was a Muslim. 

Mother sowed a seed of compassion, for everyone, in me that day.




Recharge- The Daily Post

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Recharge- The Daily Post

Take time to recharge your batteries. It’s hard to see where you’re going when your lights are dim.

Author: Robert H. Conelly

Which one is the best way to recharge your battery?

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