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Nurturing Thursday- Don’t Be Afraid of Being Imperfect

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Nurturing Thursday-

I love this world because it is imperfect. It is imperfect, and that’s why it is growing; if it was perfect it would have been dead.~ Osho

Traditional- The Daily Post

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Traditional- The Daily Post

Traditional Hindu wedding attire.



Tea- The Daily Post

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Tea- The Daily Post

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The storm was brewing in the chest making breathing difficult. It was pressuring to come out. 

My face was distorting like a fish out of water, gulping for air.

At last came a big procession  of  aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaachho! I thought my lungs will burst out and eyes will pop out. 

There was slight fever so I had to take leave from office from few days.

To my surprise everyone ,except the sufferer, knew remedy for it.

Came advises from friends, neighbors and  colleagues .

One thing was common they all came up with a TEA.

Ginger, pepper, Tulsi/Basil leaves  tea, make a good concoction , add some milk and honey and drink several times.

Does it worked?


But I suffered from acidity and burning sensation in food pipe.

I had not heard of black tea or green tea at that time.

After all sorts of treatments condition became worst.

It was furious allergic reaction to something which they couldn’t understand and prescribed some anti- allergy pill. It worked but became a habit.

Nowadays there are so many types of tea are.

I have tried all. From chamomile, lemon , ginger, Hibiscus and many more varieties.

My favorite is lemongrass with little lemon juice, mint and honey.e start our day with lemon tea. In the evening it is milk tea. 

Now Tea has become an addiction. I try different flavor every time.

Is anybody has any idea what Jasmine tea is good for?


Satisfaction- The Daily Post

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Satisfaction – This week, share something that satisfies you.

Learning new things always gives pleasure and when the result is not bad, photography gives immense satisfaction.

Our first journey by road to Jabalpur fro Visakhapatnam was most satisfying. After my husband retired , he decided to take the trip by car. Everyone was discouraging us saying ‘ as this age you both are taking great risk, you have to pass through forests and hills, moreover some areas are infested with Naxalites (members of an armed revolutionary group advocating Maoist communism )’. My husband insisted as he loves driving and we went ahead with our plan. It was extremely enjoyable, safe and life time experience. Now we are addicted to it. I learned to take moving shots.




Unusual- The Daily Post

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Unusual- The Daily Post

Now this cow doesn’t thinks it’s unusual to sit on the middle of the road.


A Photo A Week Challenge- At The Edge

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A Photo a Week Challenge: At the Edge

Mundane Monday Challenge #119 : Learn Photography

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Mundane Monday Challenge #119 : Learn Photography

Marine Drive- Mumbai

Harmonize- The Daily Post

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Harmonize- The Daily Post

We were poles apart

So different in looks and choices

Different were our views and habits

Still we were

Destined to come together

In the name of  love and friendship

We took leap of Faith

Sometimes going seemed tough


Compassion and compatibility

Some compromises 

Our ability to agree to disagree on some matters

Giving space to each other do whatever we like

Made us bond together

And God blended and blessed us

To harmonized the song of our life

~ Indira

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Nurturing Thursday- Love Your Self

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If you love yourself, you will be surprised: others will love you. Nobody loves a person who does not love himself.

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