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Weekly Writing Challenge: And Now For Something Completely Different

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Weekly Writing Challenge 


Now writing prose will be a completely new thing for me, also I could never write about myself. Its going  a tough challenge for me, but a challenge is a challenge so here is my first attempt at prose

My Fright

One evening I was all alone, children gone to play with their friends and my husband still at work place.

I was roaming in my garden. After some time I went to a nearby pillar with a grape-vine surrounding it.

I kept my hand on the pillar. After few seconds suddenly my sixth sense alerted me. I had an eerie feeling. There was stillness in the atmosphere, everything was very quiet.   Someone was watching me. If someone watches you intensely, you will find that your sixth sense will alert you.

I was not able to breathe, my heart fluttering badly. I don’t believe in ghosts or demons but for a second I thought what if all that is true. I could not move myself.

Slowly I turned my head looked towards my hand; just few inches away two small frightened eyes were watching me. I discovered that it was a big fat green caterpillar. I felt ashamed of my behaving so childishly. Actually the It was more frightened than me.



Slowly I moved away from it leaving it to enjoy its meal.

Even after 35 years I can still recall those intense eyes, still I get nervous just by thinking of it.

Someone of you must have gone through this kind of experience. Please do tell me. I would love that.


About Indira

I knew all along that life is about, love, compassion, compatibility and friendship, but now I have discovered that life is also about sharing thought, encouraging others and getting encouraged. So here I am with my blogs about life, friendship, love, and whatever life has taught me.

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  1. Hi Indira ji….while browsing through the entries of ‘Weekly writing challenge’,I came across your entry and the word Amaltas in your link drew me here.I simply am in love with that particular flower. It has been my favourite tree since my teenage days.
    now about the post it made laugh lot because I remembered one incident after reading it.No,I personally never encountered such experience but it’s about my best friend.Those days we were perhaps 19 or 20 years old.One day as I was opening the gate of my friend’s home ,I heard her I knew that at that moment she was all alone in the house ,I rushed in fearing that something untoward had taken place.There she was standing on the ‘Takhat’,the wooden bed literally fear stricken.when I asked her the reason,she pointed towards one corner of verandah.At first glance I was not able to see anything then I found him.He sat in the corner facing her and she was saying,”look at his eyes.he is watching with so much anger and his moustaches ,look he is waving them threateningly.’…in the corner sat a cockroach…who perhaps was trembling due to her screaming and shouting.
    whenever we two meet ,we still laugh remembering the episode.


    • Hi Namitaji, Thanks for visiting my site. Liked your friend’s encounter with cockroach, they really look frightening. Thanks for sharing.


  2. Thank you for visiting and commenting at my blog Indira – had to reciprocate and I love this recollection of yours! I have this happen a lot lol. One time as a child I was home alone and saw this huge spider. I was in the basement at the time and just freaked out and ran upstairs. Well it was like the darn thing was chasing me because it ran upstairs too! Ultimately it ended up on our dining room ceiling and I remained petrified until my Dad took out the vacuum cleaner and sucked it up! Wouldn’t it be sad if the dang thing was like Charlotte from Charlottes web and was chasing me asking me to let her outside?!


    • You are welcome Saymber. The poor fellow certainly wanted to tell you something. But spiders look scary. Thanks for sharing your experience.


  3. That is a powerful observation and yes, I have felt the eyes of what turned out to be a small animal or something watching me… Well done.


  4. Hi Indira , you’re a good writer, I hope you write more prose.


  5. I used to have this feeling a lot when I lay in my bed in the dark. For the longest time, I had a night light, small and dim. I did not want to lay in the dark. After a long time, in my teens, I realized that the small light actually made the shadows worse.


    • Yes you are right Scott. I have this feeling even in the daylight. Is it my conscience watching me?


      • kindredspirit23

        Lol, somehow, I don’t picture you as being one who should be worried about her conscience.


      • I’m blessed with a big conscience, It doesn’t allows me to do something wrong. Sometimes its irritating. Have a good day or its night there.


  6. Oh, dear, better a caterpillar than a scorpion or snake!! Lol!


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  8. I know the feeling…. I once met a sea turtle. It was as if she was looking straight through my head with her huge eyes, like she was about to talk to me… very intense….


  9. I haven’t had any such experience. But it’s the sounds , even a slight one, esp in the night that keep me awake!


  10. Blood-Ink-Diary

    First a big hug from me ! The post is insightful and I loved how you beautifully recollected your thoughts on paper (well, in this case the laptop !). Lovely to always read your writings Mai ! Aur painting chal rahi na? xx


    • Hi Shaheen, you love me so you love all my posts, it was my first attempt on prose. I have very limited English knowledge . Painting I’m unable to do. Just lazyness or lack of inspiration or eye trouble. But I should. Thanks for your lovely, encouraging comment. take care.


  11. Yes! I have had that feeling, someone is watching me and it turned out to be a preying mantis. He did a back flip like a kung fu master and I jumped and screeched like a little girl. LOL


    • Thanks for sharing, very interesting its funny sometimes we get scared with small things if they appear suddenly. LOL.


  12. ha ha you know what i have had that creepy eeire feeling so many times..once it was just a grasshopper ,don’t know it was looking at me or not but it sure felt that way then and i got goosebumps..and then once it was our dog kutkut, i felt someone was watching me and it sure was…Kutkut was sitting on the couch and looking at me…dunno what he was thinking at that moment but i just got up and hugged and patted him right then 🙂


    • Kutkut was sending you the message that just get up and hug me you lazy girl. Grasshopper just wanted to know whether you like it or not, who knows it might be a prince in disguise.



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