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Procrastination – A bad Habit

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Daily Prompt: Breakdown

Tell us about a habit you’d like to break. Is there any way it can play a positive role in your life?


I’m guilty of procrastinating , not always but in writing a post for a challenge,    a very bad habit which I would very much like to break. Suppose there is a weekly or daily challenge, for writing then I will go on postponing it to another day  and by the time I finish writing, the time is over. My post will lie in the state only. Perhaps I’m not confident enough to press publish button.

Everyone knows the harms of procrastination but there is one positive side of it.

If I’m angry over something or with someone , I never react instantly, I go on delaying and by the time I’m ready, either my anger subsides or I find it not worthy of harsh reaction or it looks so silly that I wonder why I got angry over it.

Sometimes a little of bad habit plays a positive role also.

Any suggestions friends for how to break this habit.


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I knew all along that life is about, love, compassion, compatibility and friendship, but now I have discovered that life is also about sharing thought, encouraging others and getting encouraged. So here I am with my blogs about life, friendship, love, and whatever life has taught me.

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  1. Procrastination isn’t a habit for me, but more of a lifestyle choice. Some things are worth putting off. like doing the dishes. I can honestly say that I don’t procrastinate with everything…when I feel a nap coming on I take it…the rest just has to wait! 🙂


  2. I love that you found such a positive side to procrastination.

    I think there may be a positive in connection with writing as well. Sometimes I know I can be too impatient to write a piece, when what it really needs is to sit in my mind a little longer, gathering detail and depth. Maybe you have less of a problem with this?


  3. Funny enough, I wrote about procrastination too.
    Procrastination is a slow killer, we’ve got to beware of it.
    Tackle issues with urgency and keep the temper low.
    Some good things have their bad sides, and maybe some bad things may have their good sides too.
    Expect the best, and you’ll get the best.
    Cheers! 🙂


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