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Five Sentence Fiction – Sparks

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It all started with a playful discussion over future planning.

They were both working couple so she told him that when they will have a child she would keep it with her mom so she does not have to leave the job.

‘Nice, so she can raise one more brat like you.’ It was just a slip of the tongue, which he regretted but the harm was done.

There was friction, spark, firework, storm and then heavy rains.

Looking around the room after aftermath, they both started laughing, she has not even conceived yet.


About Indira

I knew all along that life is about, love, compassion, compatibility and friendship, but now I have discovered that life is also about sharing thought, encouraging others and getting encouraged. So here I am with my blogs about life, friendship, love, and whatever life has taught me.

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  1. This is a good one Indira. This almost sounds like the milkmaid story. Do you remember that one?


  2. This is very gud 🙂 Keep writing!


  3. In the milkmaid story,the girl carries a pitcher of milk to sell in the market. While walking along the road she dreams she’d sell it and buy eggs from the eggs she’d get a whole bunch of chickens,she’ sell the chickens and get a lot of money, with the money she’d buy a silk dress and wear it to the ball ,a number of princes would ask her hand, she’d reject them.When she turns her sideways the pitcher falls and the milk is spilled all over. This ends her dream.
    Close isn’t it ?



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