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World’s Best Widget

You’ve been granted magical engineering skills, but you can only use them to build one gadget or machine. What do you build?

The rate with which underground water is going down and monsoon is playing hide and seek, I would use my magical  engineering skills  make artificial clouds and distribute equally all over the world for timely rains.

It’s nothing new as cloud seeding is always in use but in some places but it plays havoc also in the form  storm, hail storm etc. With magical skills I will make artificial rains with positive effect only.

Just imagine, it will be a boon for agriculture. Now farmers are suffering  from either flood or drought in my country. Everyday you hear of farmer’s suicide cases as they are unable to pay their loans. No one can live without food but how many think of farmer’s dilemma? What hardship they face and how they cope with water shortage. I’m not taking here about rich farmers of rich country but farmers of developing Isn’t an irony that main food supplier to people are living under so poor conditions.

Enough and timely rains will bring good harvest , making farmers rich and  enough food for everyone.

Bowed by the weight of centuries he leans upon his hoe and gazes on the ground, the emptiness of ages in his face, and on his back the burden of the world.
Edwin Markham


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