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The Daily Post- Handwriting.

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DAILY PROMPT– Handwriting

Probably Doctors are the only one nowadays who still writes prescription by hand. Though except pharmacists no one can read them. I have not yet found a doctor whose writing I could understand.

I should be the last one to complain. Whenever I used to wrote notes in my collage days I myself was not able to read them.

My father once complained that how can a person whose drawing is good can write in such a bad handwriting.

From time to time I take out the handwritten letters from parents, siblings, friends, children, relatives, all written with great emotion love and concern, some giving advice, some asking for advice, sharing happiness and sorrows from my treasure box.

No one writes letters anymore with pen. Nowadays emails, e cards have taken place of hand written letters. There is a vast difference as when one wrote with pen on paper, it carried the personal touch of the writer and when post-person delivered it with a smile, the day looked so bright.

Today I thought I would post something handwritten for the daily post.

I took out the long forgotten letter pad and started to write something but was surprised as accustomed to typing my fingers refused move as  nowadays I use them only for signings some documents or forms.

I must start writing daily before I completely forget to write even ABCD…



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I knew all along that life is about, love, compassion, compatibility and friendship, but now I have discovered that life is also about sharing thought, encouraging others and getting encouraged. So here I am with my blogs about life, friendship, love, and whatever life has taught me.

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  1. A) I am a doctor and me script (visible in a few doodle pages I post now and then) is quite legible. 😛 😀
    B) I fully agree that no one except docs seems to write anymore.
    C) Letters (handwritten ones) are a wonderful trove of memories.
    D) Handwritten responses are always a more personal response.
    I hope you start writing soon, and keep at it! 🙂

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  2. I rather love handwritten letters 🙂


  3. As much as I love my laptop, I still keep a handwritten journal. I also have an electronic journal that I use on a more regular basis, but sometimes I like to slow down, or go out on the deck and write, or think of something while at work or on a walk, etc., so I keep a small journal with me.

    And, unless you are in the same room with someone, there is no more personal form of communication than a handwritten letter or note. I think the thing I like most about handwriting is that it is unique to each individual. I’ve saved a lot of letters/notes over the years, and I don’t even have to see the signature to know who wrote a particular note or letter.

    Handwriting also reveals something about the writer at that moment, even if they don’t mention it: I had an aunt who had arthritis in both hands and I could tell from her handwriting when her arthritis was bothering her, even though she never mentioned it any of her letters, I could tell when my mom was in a hurry to get something written, As a beloved grandmother got older, the shaking in her hands got progressively worse until it was an effort for her to sign her name, The fact that someone makes that effort lets you know how important you are to them, without them ever actually saying it. And, one of my favorite saved letters was from my brother when he was a young boy, and one of the things that makes that letter so precious to me is the penmanship, as he was in the transition from printing block letters to writing cursive.

    Also, I found that for people I knew well, I could get a sense of their mood, at least whether they were happy or upset (or in the case of one college friend, drunk) just from their handwriting.

    Now that I think about it, there’s more than just anonymity in this digital world. I’m wondering if we’re sacrificing some of our individuality, a little piece of what makes us unique, to these keyboards we cherish. Anyone with a keyboard could reproduce what I’ve just written, but if I’d handwritten it, it would be impossible, or nearly so, for anyone else to reproduce it. And, now I’m wondering, our brain is working/processing when we type vs when we write. Is there a difference? If so, is it important?

    Well Indira, you’ve given me something new to think about today.

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    • I loved your comment. It is such a good read. Thanks for sharing your views.


      • Thank you, Indira. Now that I re-read it, I realize I should have proof-read it before I posted. I got a little carried away with commas, and that sentence near the end should read “And, now I’m wondering HOW our brain….”

        Anyway, I’m glad you enjoyed it. As I said, you did give me something new to ponder.

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      • Dear me, English is my second language and I’m learning it so I could not notice any flaws. Enjoyed reading your comment very much.


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