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The Daily Prompt- Superstition

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Thanks to my parents I never believed in any superstition.

Reading to other’s response to this prompt I came across many excellent posts. One of them is

It’s amazing that how we believe in many things without any reason or meaning like covering your head will make you pregnant. There are many baseless superstitions like this about which perhaps I should not say anything because its their belief who follow it. No argument can make them see sense. Either its for religious matter or cultural. People will fight to any extent to prove their point. They will fabricate some scientific reason to support their argument.

It’s not the uneducated who believes in them but many literate, Doctors, engineers, scientists   and above all politicians who are in this list.

Number 13, black cats, sneezing when someone is going, calling from back etc.etc. are very common one whereas not allowing women to entering the temples, widows to not attend social function specially marriages, barring childless woman to some occasions. There is an endless list of people believing in nonsense in the name of culture and religion.

When people will become really educated and stop believing in this humbug, only God knows.





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  1. I don’t necessarily call myself superstitious but sometimes when certain things go awry I do wonder!

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