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Nurturing Thursday- Don’t Be Afraid of Being Imperfect

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Nurturing Thursday-

I love this world because it is imperfect. It is imperfect, and that’s why it is growing; if it was perfect it would have been dead.~ Osho


About Indira

I knew all along that life is about, love, compassion, compatibility and friendship, but now I have discovered that life is also about sharing thought, encouraging others and getting encouraged. So here I am with my blogs about life, friendship, love, and whatever life has taught me.

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  1. Life is continuity….nothing is stable ….It’s series of happening and it’s repeatition .

    Like fire of lamp ….

    Total acceptance is ultimate perfection.

    Is it not ?

    Complete acceptance of entire imperfection is beautiful and perfect attitude…?

    Acknowledgement of things separately is imperfection. But witnessing entire nature as whole and one is perfect wisdom..?

    When your mind divide and see everything opposite…As good or bad , beautiful or ugly…Day or night..Light or darkness as two…They seems imperfect but when you see them as one complimentary to each other…They are just perfect.

    When you compare one part of the coin with other they are…Odd but when you find it as one…It’s perfect.

    When you seperate your self with entire creation you find your self imperfect. But when see your self as part of grand scheme you are perfect.

    When you see one any thing as perfect and rest of the world becomes imperfect.

    When you see perfect and imperfect as two different edge of same circle you are beyond both of them and find that things just exists our perception makes them perfect and imperfect.

    Since you have quoted ” Osho” for whom I have great respect . I have tried to explain you in his paradoxical style.

    Thanks for quoting him.

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