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Nurturing Thursday- Reminder

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Nurt Thurs – Would You Glow?


We all know this but we have to keep remind all the time lest we forget it.

The Daily Post- Beach

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The Daily Post- Beach

Standing on the beach
Playful waves washing my feet
Life is beautiful


Sally D’s Mobile Photography Challenge: Nature

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Sally D’s Mobile Photography Challenge: Nature

“‘To sit in the shade on a fine day, and look upon verdure, is the most perfect refreshment.’”
—Jane Austen, Mansfield Park

Vuda Park Visakhapatnam

Vuda Park Visakhapatnam

The Daily Post- Abandoned

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The Daily Post- Abandoned

Abandon negativity forcefully
embrace positivity with whole heart
though sometimes it may seem impossible
but practice will make you smart

The Daily Post- Music

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The Daily Post- Music

I love music,  all types of music it just have to be soothing, comforting and melodious. The best music for me is of rain falling on the roof. I can hear it for hours without getting bored.


Soothing sound of rain

Musical,divine, comforting

Refreshment for the soul

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Sand: so mundane yet so replenishing. Walking on it gives delightful feeling.


The daily post- Scars

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The daily post- Scars
Sometimes over silly arguments  riots start between two communities. Goons from both communities form a mob. Mob has no face only frenzy. They kill innocent people, burn them alive, rape women, loot and destroy property of each other. Without thinking that they were the same people with whom till yesterday they were chatting, celebrating. Their suddenly aroused hatred, madness makes them hurt each other mindlessly.
After police intervention when riots subsides, those who have suffered loss of their parents, siblings, friends and neighbors remains to nursing their wounds. They are scarred for life. Won’t they wait for the chance to seek revenge? The vicious circle of revenge never stops.
We have learned nothing from the past decades of riots.
When will all this stop? When will people learn to live in peace and harmony?
Wise man said
forget the past
learn to forgive and forget
hate the crime and not the criminal
time will heal all the wounds
what if the wounds from the past still bleed
what if the scars of injustice are etched
permanently on soul
what when they don’t let you
live in peace
what when to even the score
they vehemently plead


Weekly Photo Challenge- Admiration

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weekly Photo Challenge- Admiration

I admire  people working with a smile on their faces.  Humming, singing , enjoying and loving what they do.


The Daily Post- Curve

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The Daily Post- Curve

life is full of curves

full of twists and turns

full of bumps and obstacles

lose focus and get lost



Image1032 Image4029 Image4032

…and the best curve award goes to the  curve of lips into a smile. 

The Daily Post- Solitude

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The Daily Post- Solitude

Beautiful venerable friend

Forlorn or enjoying solitude?

Meditating or complaining?

I wonder what’s in your heart

 Is solitude a curse or bliss ?



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