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Harmonize- The Daily Post

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Harmonize- The Daily Post

We were poles apart

So different in looks and choices

Different were our views and habits

Still we were

Destined to come together

In the name of  love and friendship

We took leap of Faith

Sometimes going seemed tough


Compassion and compatibility

Some compromises 

Our ability to agree to disagree on some matters

Giving space to each other do whatever we like

Made us bond together

And God blended and blessed us

To harmonized the song of our life

~ Indira

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Cee’s Which Way Photo Challenge

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Cee’s Which Way Photo Challenge – July 28, 2017


Nurturing Thursday- Love Your Self

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If you love yourself, you will be surprised: others will love you. Nobody loves a person who does not love himself.

Disastrous- The Daily Post

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Disastrous- The Daily Post

Disastrous rain

Somewhere drought somewhere floods

Nature’s vendetta 

( Recent floods in India- rain is causing havoc everywhere)

Image result for images of recent floods in indiaImage result for images of recent floods in india

Image result for images of recent floods in india

Image result for images of recent floods in india

Image result for images of recent floods in india

Edible- The Daily Post

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Edible- The Daily Post

Edible but not advisable, aloo paratha, one of  my most favorite dishes. Some roadside Dhabas in India make irresistible, yummy aloo paratha.

Edible- Haiku

Find something edible

To satiate your hunger

Don’t eat my brain

( eating my brain- idiom )

Definition. Commonly used phrase literally translated from the Hindi idiom “Bheja Khaana” which is to trouble irritate someone, typically with stupid/unnecessary questions.

“eating someone’s brains”  just means pestering someone.


Mundane Monday Challenge-118/ Learn Photography

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Mundane Monday Challenge-118/ Learn Photography


Part of a door

Tailor- The Daily Post

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Tailor- The Daily Post

The tailor master Fakku mian’s shop was just opposite to our house.

We were separated by playgrounds, on both side and Highway in between.

I remember watching him stitching clothes since I was four years old.

It was interesting watching him running the sewing machine so fast. Everyone addressed him as tailor master.

My mother used to send me with material to stitch frocks, pajamas or whatever, with full instructions. He would follow them exactly except when it came to us three sisters’ frocks. Frills from neck to waist, well not exactly down to waist, but covering knees fully.

No argument there. Mother used to alter them according to her taste, to please us, which was not much different from him. 

It was same till I started stitching my clothes myself but still under mother’s strict observation.

No tight fitting or above knee dresses were allowed. Anyway we had to wear salwar, kamij with dopatta, so it didn’t matter much.

 Well, this story is not about my dresses but my first encounter with riots. 

Till then we were living happily in a cosmopolitan society.

We celebrated all festivals with same fervor and zeal. 

Then one day, over some love affair between a Muslim boy and a Hindu girl, everything changed. 

Both communities became thirsty of each other’s blood.

Everyone knows what happens in riots. How goons and fanatics from both sides lynch, loot and do all types of heinous crimes to innocent people from both sides.  

I will not go in details. I think my short story, I wrote way back will suffice.

‘Rioters burned the tailor’s shop. 

When the curfew was lifted, he came and sat down in despair on seeing the ramshackle shop.

Mother called him and offered him our old singer machine for the time he could buy his own.

He was thankful and offered to stitch our clothes for free.

 Mother strongly rejected the idea.

‘You need money to buy a new machine so start your business first to save money.’

Mother was a conservative Hindu and the tailor was a Muslim. 

Mother sowed a seed of compassion in me that day.’




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Source: व्यक्तित्व 

Bumble- The Daily Post

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Bumble- The Daily Post

I Bumbled

I Fumbled
I Stumbled
On the road called life
I jumbled
I crumbled
Made a mess of my life
Never grumbled 
Or surrendered
Proceeded without strife

A Photo a Week Challenge: Birds

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A Photo a Week Challenge: Birds



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