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किसी मशहूर शायर ने कहा
“मैं भी मुंह में जबान रखता हूँ
कोई पूछे की माजरा क्या है.”

सब हैं अपनी सुनाने को बेताब यहाँ
किससे पूछे कोई कि माजरा है क्या
अपने गम से ही सब है मारे हुए
तेरे गम की खबर रखे कोई क्या
रोजी रोटी की खातिर बस गए सब यहाँ और वहां
किसी को किसी का आसरा   है क्या
भूले बिसरे जो याद करले कोई
उसीका शुक्रिया कर शिकवा करना क्या

Six Word Story Challenge: Retrospect

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Six Word Story Challenge: Retrospect

My Story In Six Words


‘ Enjoyed annual quota of children’s visit.’

Five Sentence Fiction – Determination

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Five Sentence Fiction – Determination

Lillie McFerrin Writes



In his haste to get away from the shooter , the deer ran madly up the mountain without thinking where he was going.

Suddenly he found himself on the edge , where he could neither go forward nor come back as there was no space to turn around.

He panicked as now he was an easy target  but very much determined not to show his fear, just waiting for the next move of the shooter.

He was not to know that the shooter wanted to shoot him not with the gun but with the camera.

The shooter looked at the brave soul , focused the camera, clicked  and  turned back reluctantly, knowing well that any attempt to help may frighten the poor creature.

Friday Fictioneers – FF – 10/25/13

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For more wonderful stories click here- Friday Fictioneers – FF – 10/25/13- Rochellewisofffields

dismantled keyboard

copyright – Rochelle Wisoff-Fields


Fiction- By Indira- 100 words

She was  arrogant, rude and never thought   twice before  humiliating servants in front of  others.
No servant lasted with her except  all rounder Ramu, who swallowed his pride as she paid generously  but now he was also exasperated with her and wanted to quit but not without teaching her a lesson.
So when she ordered him to repair her  dear synthesizer, which  also had to tolerate her singing in hoarse voice.
Ramu saw his chance.
After completing his job he patted it apologetically.
He said – ” Goodby synthesizer, and sorry, but it is your salvation too” and left the house forever.

FRIDAY FICTIONEERS- 100 words story challenge

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FRIDAY FICTIONEERS.– 100 words story challenge by rochellewisoff

Photo promt-

tcopyright -Janet Webb



Grandmother was pushing the wheelchair , her five-year old grandson,  sitting on it ,  was enjoying the ride looking around  watching everything with keen interest. He was always full of questions.

‘Why these shopping carts are lying there in the water grandma?’ he inquired.

‘ Perhaps they are damaged dear’ she replied.
‘ They will rust in the water. Will they be  thrown away? ‘ he was worried.
‘ No dear,metals are either repaired or recycled.’
‘What is recycling?’
‘ They will be melted and made new.’

‘O grandma, why couldn’t doctors  get  both of us recycled’ , grandson chuckled mischievously, ‘you will become young and I’ll get my legs back.’

Five Sentence Fiction – Malice

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Five Sentence Fiction – Malice


He looked around the room with satisfaction, perfect with soft music, dim lights and a red heart shaped seat between I and U, to show her there were no hard feelings in spite of the separation they agreed mutually though he couldn’t suppress a mischievous laugh.

She arrived on time, looked around, saw the arrangements and responded to his invitation for a last dance.

Then slowly he steered her towards the seat and was just about to make her sit,  she quickly switched their position and forced him on the  seat.

Taken by surprise he could not respond and went down the hole with the seat.

She stepped back looking at the gap and smiled scornfully as if all those year living with him had not taught her enough about him.


©2013 indira mukhopadhyay


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This is a story of a protagonist. since his childhood he felt a presence , someone watching him. When he was 17 years old then only he came to know why he was feeling like this .

While rescuing a woman and her children, he was beaten brutally by the woman’s stoned jealous husband. He was rescued by police and admitted to the hospital. There he came to know about who were always surrounding him and why. He became less fearful of them. From then on his life was never same again. He learned a lesson,No matter who you are, it’s not always who you’ll become.

They were eight ghosts, including his mother. Why they were there, for what purpose and how they helped him in his fight against social evils is the suspense of the story.

Under the cover of a psychiatrist, with his non-visible, to others,  helpers, fighting evil becomes the aim of his life.

In a very well written, unique way, writer tells his story  which is full of action. He makes you believe in the protagonist Hassan and his aides. Revealing more will kill the suspense and the joy of reading it.

The best compliment I can give to the writer is that I’m already looking forward to his second book of the series of five.

This is one of the best suspense thriller I have read. I will recommend this to all my friends.



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Friday Fictioneers–given by

Rochelle Wisoff-Field







Fleeting Moment.


They were coming back from a week long holiday, which he could not enjoy due to work pressure back at office. But to please her he had to go.

She complained-

‘Why you are always in a hurry? Why don’t you enjoy the ride?’

He retorted We have enjoyed enough’

‘Hey! just stop , I have to take a photograph’

‘No way, I have to attend an important meeting ‘

‘I have to reach there faaaaaaaaaaaaatst—————-

‘I wish you had listened to me. Now we have nowhere to go and no one to meet.’

( This is my first attempt at Friday fictioneers, hope the message is clear.)


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On my way to morning walk
I met a centipede
walking leisurely in the park
I asked him
“Which foot you move first”
He stopped in his way
Thought but could not decide
I moved on
leaving him there
Searching for an answer.
While coming back
I saw it still there ,
Scratching its head
I asked it what is the matter dear
he said
I was walking before without doubt and confusion
Now I cannot decide
Which foot to move first
And this is the cause
Of my strife.
It eyed me with disgust and said
“Some people
Can not take a right move themselves
but are busy in creating
A lot of tensions
in others life.”

cartoon by Somkritya ( Soma Mukherjee)

cartoon by Somkritya ( Soma Mukherjee)

Thinking Aloud

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So you think you are a very wise woman

you let go  your children to  grow

you never interfered in their matters

you allowed them to fight their own battle

you made them tough and positive

you smile proudly on your achievements


the moment you hear they are sick, suffering

all you want to do to is to hug them, cuddle them

wrap your arms around them

to hide them from all evils

you don’t want them to suffer

you want to be there always to protect them

knowing well

you will not be there forever to look after them

how love makes one weak


it is your strength?          kids5

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