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Sudden turn of events

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In response to The Daily Post- Sudden turn of events

( It was lying in the draft section. Some truth some fiction)

I was sitting on my veranda making some patterns on the floor with the chalk; I was totally engrossed in it when I heard some commotion across the street. 

O my God! What police were doing in front of Mrs. Bajpai’s house?

Now Mr. and Mrs. were the nicest neighbors one could have.

Our house was just opposite to their house. We were new to the locality. My father, with four children and wife has shifted to this house just six months back. 

We became friendly instantly with everyone as they all were very friendly, accommodating and compatible lot.

There were people from all cast and community living in peace and harmony in our locality.

We celebrated each and every festival with same zeal and fervor. 

Slowly we came to about the background of every family. 

We became very friendly with Mr. and Mrs. Bajpai.

They had six boys, all grown up and had moved away leaving their parents to look after each other. They occasionally came to visit their parents initially but that practice was stopped as they became busier with their work.

Mr. and Mrs. Bajpai never complained. 

Most of the people in the locality lived in rented house. Very few had their own house.

Though our owner never bothered us but he was very particular about rent. You give him rent in time and he will keep quite.

 Mr. Bajpai was doing some small business and the income was barely  sufficient for both of them to live peacefully though savings were a distant dream. Raising six boys was not an easy job. Mr. ’s earning was spent in providing them good education. They could not save any money for their old age.

Real problem started when Mr. Bajpai died suddenly leaving his wife in a helpless.  She had no income and was unable to run her husband’s business, she could not manage rents.

Now accomplished by the police the landlord had himself come there to evict her from the house.

The neighbors tried to intervened and offered some donation but she declined saying it was not a practical solution. How long could they manage and they have their family to look after too.

Mother asked her to move in with us but she declined that too knowing well how small our house was.

We were all crying for failing to do something for our beloved Mrs. Bajpai. We were feeling very miserable. We prayed to god to send some solution.

Solution came but it was not so good as we found later.

Mr Bajpai’s younger brother who had a fight with his brother and lived separately came and took her with him.

We heaved a sigh of relief and thanked God that still some humanity was left in him. Though he could have helped them when his brother was still alive.

Everybody got busy in their daily routine.

After say 15 days my mother asked me to go and see how Mrs Bajpai was doing. I went there ans saw she was not very happy. She tried to hide her discomfort but i could smell it as I was close to her. Her sister in law was not treating her well.

Mrs Bajpai took her permission to visit our house which she readily granted thinking that at least one time meal is saved.

Mrs Bajpai asked me to write a letter to her distant cousin who live quite a distance from our city and whom she had not seen for a long time.

Thankfully he came after sometime and took her with her.

That was the last, no, after one month we got a letter from her siting she is happy.

Then we never heard from her. Our letters came back undelivered.

God knows what happened to so affectionate, always ready to help others Mrs bajpai.



Symptom- The Daily Post

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The symptoms of were loud and clear. It was depression. It was making our journey by car to Kolkata from Vizac, very tiresome, which otherwise we both enjoy.

Occasion for the journey was sad. My younger sister-in-laws husband expired. We were all like friends. It’s difficult to forget everything and enjoy journey. Distance from Vizac to Kolkata is nearly 900Km. Most of the time we were on express highway. Roads were good, but our mood was not.

Then came two rescue were my two old friends music and photography. Nothing else can change your mood like music. So I started playing a potpourri of songs and taking photographs of whatever came in sight. Still last 200 km were hard to kill. We were fatigued. Anyhow we reached there stayed for 15 days, meeting everyone is a nice, beautiful ever lasting experience. SIL,BIL, their sons, daughters, grandchildren all united to share the grief. This is one thing where you can’t do anything, have to accept it. Life moves on and sweet memories remain. God bless the departed soul.


Blur- The Daily Post

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Blur- The Daily Post

When you are focusing on a subject to take a photograph and someone nudges you, unintentionally. What do you get? A BLURRRRR, of course.


Juicy- The Daily post

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Juicy- The Daily post

What if life gives you a lemon which is not juicy. Life has sucked all the juice before giving it to You? You can’t make a lemonade.

Don’t worry dear, don’t throw it and whine. There are numerous uses of lemon rind and peel.
 Add sugar, salt and pepper, make  pickle. Good for stomach.
It’s not just only positive thinking , it’s  the right thinking which  takes you ahead in life.

Marathon- The Daily Post

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Marathon- The Daily Post


Commander Raja Mukherjee

My son- Commdr. Raja Mukherjee

Run son Run

Run for joy      

Run for happiness
Run to spread
cheerfulness around you.

Run son Run

Run for health
Run for pleasure
Run to spread
freshness around you.

Run son Run

Run for love
Run for compassion
Run to spread
sweetness around you.

Run son Run

Run with passion
Run with dedication
Run to spread
dreams around you.

Run son Run

Run for a noble cause
Run for your vocation
Run to spread
awareness around you.

~ Indira

Year- The Daily Post

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Year- The Daily Post

The year twenty sixteen
 Was a mixed bag of up and down
Sometimes I reacted sensibly
Sometimes like a clown
Now it’s to be seen 
What brings  twenty seventeen
Takes me up the ladder
Or throws  me down
But I believe
Happiness and sorrows
All come to an end
Don’t lose faith till the very end
Keep the hopes and dreams alive
Without them no one can survive
Failure is the key to success
And not the end

Or- The Daily Prompt

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Do as I say OR

Bear the consequences

Threatened everyone

From parents to nature and God

I hated to be threatened

So broke every rule

And am


The consequences

Now I have

Mellowed down

As I understand

Rules are

Not always

To dare you but

For your betterment

And discipline you

So better watch

Before saying no

Think carefully

Then accept and nod

Google Images

Google Images




Relish- The Daily Post

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Relish- The Daily Post

I relish corncob

When roasted on slow fire

Rubbed with butter or lemon and salt

It’s a delightful food to savor

So serve it to the person who is hungry and

relishes it with fervor

And not to a person who eats it without gratitude

As if doing it a favor

Roasted Corncobs

Roasted Corncobs


Apology- The Daily Post

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Apology- The Daily Post

“Never ruin an apology with an excuse.” Kimberly Johnson

Always make sure that apology comes from the heart by fully understanding your mistake and not by force because if someone is forced to apologies then he/she will always be on the look out to get a chance to make the one, who has forced him/her,  apologies.




Drive- The Daily Post

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Drive- The Daily Post

In stead of driving the fear out of my way, I allowed it to drive me into failure, depression and low self-esteem.

Then one day I decided to face my fears it and drive them away before they  make me crazy.

And I found out that it was my fears that made the things look difficult,  bigger and frightening than they actually were.

Drive away the fear with courage because 

Vulnerable is the mightiest,
Helpless is the seer,
Insecure is the richest,
When driven by the fear