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A Month of Mini Writing Challenges 2017

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A Month of Mini Writing Challenges 2017

You’re on your way to work and a new, strange-looking shop has opened overnight.  You are drawn to it and go in but what – or who – is inside?  Tell us in less than 100 words.


A blood red painted shop with a signboard in white ‘KILLING IS FUN, JOIN IN’ was strange enough for me to enter the shop. It was full of various kinds of Mannequins.

The receptionist, with a counter full of knives, invited,’  choose any knife, put the face of the one you want to kill on any mannequin and stab as much you like, you’ll feel light-hearted.’

My obvious choice was my rude boss.

I stabbed to my heart’s content.

Delight, I turned and noticed my boss entering the shop.

His face was still intact on the mannequin.

(98 words)


A Month of Mini Writing Challenges 2017 Day 17- Memory

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A Month of Mini Writing Challenges 2017 Day 17- Write a 50-word story on the theme of memory.

A middle-aged with his wife was at the door, ‘remember?’

I didn’t want to embarrass him, ‘ O yap!

He understood, ‘ you don’t silly! admit it. I am’ X’, your college mate.’

Now I remembered. How much can one change in 25 years?

“See! It wasn’t my fault’, my memory chided.

( Sorry it’s 52 words.)

A Month of Mini Writing Challenges 2017-Day 18- Shopping List

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A Month of Mini Writing Challenges 2017-Day 18– The prompt is “shopping list”.  The format and length are your choice.

shopping list, oh shopping list

where do you hide when I need you most

enormous products in the market

confuse me and without you, I’m lost

you know well I am dependent on you

so please don’t play hide and seek with me

or I’ll load my home with the things 

I don’t need

and not with the things I needed most


A Month of Mini Writing Challenges 2017- Day13

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The prompt is “another planet”. Format and length is your choice.

They are from the another planet, aliens, I’m sure.
They do not have different looks. No bulging big eyes or antennas on their head. They are perfectly normal looking people like you and me.
But their behavior is so strange.
They don’t harmonize with others, have no compassion or compatibility.
They are self-appointed protagonists imposing their views, ideas, and beliefs on others. Follow them or get killed.
Always ready to invade others territories, vandalizing and committing heinous crimes.
They are very rude, criticizing, showing off their superiority, belittling others.
They are not caring at all about the other creatures also.
Who can do this to their own planet?
They have to be aliens.

Hoho Returns- End of Horror

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My friend Archita  asked “how can we get hoho back to earth now. ” then she gave me a suggestion “Load-shedding after 2 mins She cannot eat the half grilled apple ; she throws it away . Hoho is half burned and half-powered now..He has to stay somewhere in the middle of earth and space and has to scare birds , helicopter , flight passengers to achieve full power once again . :D . Pepe and Popo are friendless now .. and together they start making a big plan now.. 2nd story starts :) :)’

So Hi !  Archita here is HOHO back on your demand and as per your suggestions. Thanks.

HOHO Returns

Hoho , the ghost was inside the apple, she kept it in the oven and switched it on.

Nothing happened. She remembered, it was the power cut time. Cursing the electric dept. she took out the apple to roast it in the gas oven.

Knowing her intentions, Hoho fled like a hurricane, having pepe and popo on his tail.

They stopped when they were exhausted. They found themselves in a forest.  Cool, comforting full of trees.

Hoho said ” I am done with this scaring business. I am not going there again. “

Pepe said ” But we all will be expelled from our community.”

Hoho -” We will form other community, there are others who do not like this terrifying other and making life hard for people. they will join us.”

They all agreed to help people from now onwards.

That is  how the angle ghosts and devil ghosts community was formed.

You may have noticed, when you are in distress, without any hope , in some difficult situation, Suddenly, someone out of nowhere comes and helps you. This is the Ho’s community. You have to have faith in them and they will help you.

As for the devils, beware of them, sometimes they may come in the disguise of angels, but if you are careful, you can recognize them.

Angels and devils

Angels and devils

ForThePromptless – S. 2, Ep. 1 – The Alter Ego

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my alter ego

my alter ego

ForThePromptless – S. 2, Ep. 1 – The Alter Ego

Alter Ego/ personality disorder

I am Indira’s alter ego speaking, knowing fully well that she will never write this post herself. She was all against it thinking who wants to know about her, she not a famous personality etc.

I told her that even if nobody reads it, at least she will know about me and now is the time to acknowledge me.

She is full of inferiority complex, little coward afraid of fights, darkness, ghosts and everything. Whenever she was lonely, depressed and thought death is the final solution of her sickness and problems.Only I know what is she under the cool as cucumber mask.   It was me, who gives her strength, courage and hope to come out of darkness, face her fears and fight with them.

She is  shy, afraid of going out , speaking in public, always worrying for her near and dear ones, her friends and relatives. She thinks she is supposed to be perfect all the time and this gives her a lot of stress. I taught her that being not perfect is all right.

She does not participates in any thing for the fear of loosing. I taught her that you sometime win , sometimes  you do not, but the joy of participating is bigger than everything.

Her happiness lies  on others happiness. She feels guilty enjoying anything alone. I taught her that to be happy, enjoying things in life,  is not a sin. She is shy of  Expressing her  views fearing she may hurt others. I taught her that even if you don’t agree with others is all right, she must stand for whatever she thinks is right.

I always have to be vigilant to keep her on the right track. Actually I always have to do overtime with her , even if I take a wink  she will go inside her shell like a turtle.

Weekly Writing Challenge: A Splash of Color

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Weekly Writing Challenge  

Nature has bestowed us with so many colors , with right proportion and right amalgam. I’ll vote for yellow as my favorite color. It gives several hues when mixed with other colors. Every color has its own beauty, effect and apathetic value. Every color has different effects on different person. Some like red roses but not red car or  red dress. Same goes for every color. Colors effect mood and behavior also.

There is so much yellow scattered everywhere. Right from the yellow sunshine, yellow in flowers, food, animals. You will find yellow hues in various shades in almost everything. Someone said that ” if you want to stand out in a party, wear yellow “.

Yellow is warm and friendly.

Here are some photographs depicting yellow in various shades.

Weekly Writing Challenge: And Now For Something Completely Different

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Weekly Writing Challenge 


Now writing prose will be a completely new thing for me, also I could never write about myself. Its going  a tough challenge for me, but a challenge is a challenge so here is my first attempt at prose

My Fright

One evening I was all alone, children gone to play with their friends and my husband still at work place.

I was roaming in my garden. After some time I went to a nearby pillar with a grape-vine surrounding it.

I kept my hand on the pillar. After few seconds suddenly my sixth sense alerted me. I had an eerie feeling. There was stillness in the atmosphere, everything was very quiet.   Someone was watching me. If someone watches you intensely, you will find that your sixth sense will alert you.

I was not able to breathe, my heart fluttering badly. I don’t believe in ghosts or demons but for a second I thought what if all that is true. I could not move myself.

Slowly I turned my head looked towards my hand; just few inches away two small frightened eyes were watching me. I discovered that it was a big fat green caterpillar. I felt ashamed of my behaving so childishly. Actually the It was more frightened than me.



Slowly I moved away from it leaving it to enjoy its meal.

Even after 35 years I can still recall those intense eyes, still I get nervous just by thinking of it.

Someone of you must have gone through this kind of experience. Please do tell me. I would love that.


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