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Ascend- The Daily Post

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Ascend- The Daily Post

I waiting the whole day to capture the bat when flying, spreading its wings to full length like a vampire. It was hanging head down most of the time, then it started ascending from one branch to another to get figs with the help of its tiny feet attached to the wings, or so it seemed. It looks funny, going up the tree all the way in upside down position.
Then suddenly it ascended from my sight without giving me the chance to click properly.
I don’t like bats but I have never seen such a huge bat before.

View from my balcony. Marine Drive, Mumbai.


Lurch- The Daily Post

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Lurch- The Daily Post

everyone saw poor lady lurch

she lost balance in front of the church

they laughed and mocked

in sweat she soaked

cause of her lurch no one  did search



A Month of Mini Writing Challenges 2017- Immersion

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Written for the challenge-99 words

 A Month of Mini Writing Challenges 2017-   


I’m sitting on a rock on the sea beach watching immersion of Idols of Lord Ganesha, Just four days ago we were worshiping him with full fun and frolics, with flowers and sweets. Now it is time for him to go back to his heavenly abode, hence the immersion in the sea. Waves reverently envelop him slowly and take him down under the sea. I feel sad.

After one week I’m sitting at the same place. I observed remnants of those beautiful idols washed ashore by the waves. Sea never keeps anything. It returns whatever is offered to it.


Remnants pf the idol

Happy Anniversary With Wish me friends

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6 Year Anniversary Achievement
Happy Anniversary with!
You registered on 6 years ago.
Thanks for flying with us. Keep up the good blogging.
It was a beautiful, fruitful journey till now. I have learned so much from here, thanks a lot my WordPress team.
I learned prose, poetry, photography. I made lots of kind heart, generous friends, who encouraged me for whatever I did, good or bad. I get to read lots of wonderful blogs and learned from them.
I wish and pray for your good health, peace and the good intentions to help bloggers with your support and love.
Long Live WordPress.
I’m grateful to you.

Rhyme- The Daily post

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Rhyme- The Daily post




perfectly with time


doesn’t rhymes

with life

which throws

lime at people

to make strife

in their life

and laughs

till someone

baffles it by

making a lemonade

with the lime

in due time

then it tries to be

in rhythem with lime

strife and time



Recital- The Daily Post

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Recital- The Daily Post

Best ever earnest recital of a patriotic song- Vande Maataram by a cutie pie. So heart warming so enchanting.


Salutation to Mother India/ Vande maataram- Lyrics by Mahboob

Yahan vahan saara jahan dekh liya
Ab tak bhi tere jaisa koi nahin
Main assi nahin, sau din duniya ghooma hai
Naahi kaahe tere jaisa koi nahin
Main gaya jahan bhi, bas teri yaad thi
Jo mere saath thi mujhko tadpaati rulaati
Sab se pyaari teri soorat
Maa tujhe salaam, maa tujhe salaam
Amma tujhe salaam
Vande maataram, vande maataram
Vande maataram, vande maataram
Vande maataram, vande maataram
Janam janam tera hoon deewana main
Jhoomoon naachoon gaaoon tere pyaar ka taraana
Main jeena nahin soch nahin duniya ki daulat nahin
Bas lootunga tere pyaar ka khazaana
Ek nazar jab teri hoti hai pyaar ki
Duniya tab to meri chamke damke maheke re
Tera chehra sooraj jaisa chaand si thand hai pyaar mein
Vande maataram, vande maataram
Vande maataram, vande maataram
Vande maataram, vande maataram
Tere paas hi main aa raha hoon
Apni baahein khol de
Zor se mujhko gale laga le
Mujhko phir voh pyaar de
Tu hi zindagi hai, tu hi meri mohabbat hai
Tere hi pairon mein jannat hai
Tu hi dil, tu jaan, amma
Maa tujhe salaam, maa tujhe salaam
Amma tujhe salaam, maa tujhe salaam
Vande maataram, vande maataram
Vande maataram, vande maataram
Vande maataram, vande maataram
Vande maataram, vande maataram

Read more: AR Rahman – Maa Tujhe Salaam Lyrics | MetroLyrics

Solitary- The Daily Post

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Solitary- The Daily Post

not a sing leaf for its glory
the days of its youth
birds and children
chirping and playing 
around it
when a single day 
would not pass
without a jamboree

Unfurl-The Daily Post

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Unfurl-The Daily Post

A monkey unfurled the national flag on Independence Day at a school in Rajasthan.

Willy-nilly/The Daily Post

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Willy-nilly/The Daily Post

thoughts willy-nilly
parked inside mind willy-nilly
try to chase them away
they refuse
have to accommodate them willy-nilly

Prickle- The Daily Post

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Prickle- The Daily Post

Nothing is unchangeable

The only constant in life is change

so accept change

but remember

life is a garden, where

flowers are flowers

and prickles are prickles

if you aspire for rose

accept thorns also



Image result for flowers are flowers and prickles are prickles


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