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Shine- Weekly Photo Challenge

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image4587 photo0033 image1072

Local- Weekly Photo Challenge

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Local- Weekly Photo Challenge– This week, share what “local” means to you, and show us where your heart is.

My heart and soul is in Visakhapatnam sea beach . I never get tired of visiting it daily.

Rare- The Daily post

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Rare- The Daily post


These black plums or Jamun fruits are available in abundance in may – June  in the market. What was rare, was the chance to get them  pick from the tree by myself.


Jamun tree

I have seen this type of flower for the time. can anyone tell me its name please?


Fun! The Daily Post

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Fun! The Daily Post


Weekly Photo Challenge- Morning

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Weekly Photo Challenge- morning

Morning at Visakhapatnam sea beach

Morning at Visakhapatnam sea beach

Weekly Photo Challenge- Look Up

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The Daily Post- Look Up 

This week is all about taking a moment to check out what’s going on above you.

Looking up a mango tree, full of green mangoes.

‘If you don’t eat mangoes that fall on the ground, be sure to be strong
enough to pick ones on the tree.’




Weekly Photo Challenge- Face

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Weekly Photo Challenge- Face






Weekly Photo Challenge- Earth

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Weekly Photo Challenge- Earth

Ariel view of earth.

Image2180 Image2324 - Copy Image2325


Weekly Photo Challenge- Abstract

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This week, turn the concrete and familiar into something new and mysterious.


Tree trunk

Tree trunk




Weekly Photo Challenge- Future

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There were few pups,white, brown and this one for sale. White and brown one are sold quickly. What future lies ahead for this one? I would have bought it but due to my chronic allergy and arthritis problem I can’t look after it. What future lies ahead for this one? Some kind soul will definitely buy it.



Life is unpredictable

Future is uncertainty

In the path of life

you will definitely meet

Some kind soul

Some loving compassionate kid

Then you will get a lovely treat