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False- The Daily Post

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False- The Daily Post


Love is  a very natural expression if we don’t kill it with false notion due to  color, cast, creed,  religion, our selfishness, obsession, manipulation or trying to suffocate by becoming a control freak.



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Cee’s Black & White Photo Challenge: In the Distance

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RonovanWrites #Weekly #Haiku #Poetry Prompt #Challenge #104 Dazzle&Sky

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RonovanWrites #Weekly #Haiku #Poetry Prompt #Challenge #104 Dazzle&Sky

clouds darken the sky

gloomy sun without the dazzle

hides its face in shame

Sally D’s Mobile Photography Challenge: Nature

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Sally D’s Mobile Photography Challenge: Nature

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The Daily Post- For Posterity

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More than anything else, old buildings etc.we need to preserve our  rivers, as water is the most useful natural resource we are blessed with.We have so many rivers, lakes and other water bodies.But we neglected them and misused, abused them and now at the brink of losing them. Though we worship them but have not shown any respect and do not keep up their purity and pollute them in the name of religion and culture.

So many lakes and ponds have died due to construction of residents. Greed of builder knows no bounds. Nobody bothers about what we are going to leave to our next generation.

If I could single handedly prevent something from falling into oblivion then it would be our rivers, sacred rivers like, Ganga, Yamuna, Brahmputra, Narmada, kaveri  etc. and many lakes from being extinct before people start killing each other for water. No other object is that much important for me except water.


Disappearing lakes

Disappearing water tanks: need to save them




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Olive Ridley turtles endangered by commercial activities along Visakhapatnam coast. These fences are set up on R.K. Beach, Visakhapatnam, to save endangered Ridley Turtles .

Ridley Turtle- Olive Ridleys migrate from the coast of Mexico to the Andhra Pradesh coast for breeding and nesting each year between the months of November and March.

Visakhapatnam, Feb.10 (ANI): Nearly 100 carcasses of the endangered

Olive Ridley turtles were washed ashore under mysterious circumstances, baffling scientists and locals, at the coast of Appikonda beach in Andhra Pradesh state.



Speedy Recovery

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Prayers and best wishes from relatives and friends helping him to get a speedy recovery. Thanks a lot, everyone.


Before operation enjoying the serenity at Lonavla

Before operation enjoying the serenity at Lonavla, at son’s place.

Next day after operation enjoying the company of son while taking a walk.


Nurturing Thursday- Acceptance

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This time Becca has shared a beautiful Serenity Prayer. Thanks Becca.

“The moment you accept yourself you become beautiful.” Osho

The Daily Post- Clouds

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The Daily Post- Clouds

When the weather is cloudy inside and outside, you search for a ray and cling to it like anything.


Once you replace negative thoughts with positive ones, you’ll start having positive results. – Willie Nelson

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This post is for friends who were missing me. I am touched. I was absent from word press  since 16th may for biopsy of a small lesion in my husband’s prostrate gland and subsequent treatment . The report being malignant , we opted for Robotic surgery  at Kokilaben hospital, Mumbai. Since there was a time limit of one month between biopsy and surgery , we went to stay at Lonavla, a place full of trees and surrounded by Sahyadri hills , just proper for our mental condition, with my son at INS ShivaJI after completion of investigative tests. He got operated on 16th June and was released on 21st. He is okay and recovering fast. After three months if his PSA level is normal then we can sigh in relief. Hoping for the best.

I had very limited computer access and internet was very slow and most of the time unavailable due to rains or some other reason.
I am back at Visakhapatnam and happy at laying my hands on my PC. I am catching up on posts from my friends. I like reading more than writing.
I have many photographs to share but computer is unable to recognize unable to recognize the USB. No option except waiting for someone from computer service to repair it.
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Have a nice day.

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