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Harmonize- The Daily Post

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Harmonize- The Daily Post

We were poles apart

So different in looks and choices

Different were our views and habits

Still we were

Destined to come together

In the name of  love and friendship

We took leap of Faith

Sometimes going seemed tough


Compassion and compatibility

Some compromises 

Our ability to agree to disagree on some matters

Giving space to each other do whatever we like

Made us bond together

And God blended and blessed us

To harmonized the song of our life

~ Indira

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Tailor- The Daily Post

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Tailor- The Daily Post

The tailor master Fakku mian’s shop was just opposite to our house.

We were separated by playgrounds, on both side and Highway in between.

I remember watching him stitching clothes since I was four years old.

It was interesting watching him running the sewing machine so fast. Everyone addressed him as tailor master.

My mother used to send me with material to stitch frocks, pajamas or whatever, with full instructions. He would follow them exactly except when it came to us three sisters’ frocks. Frills from neck to waist, well not exactly down to waist, but covering knees fully.

No argument there. Mother used to alter them according to her taste, to please us, which was not much different from him. 

It was same till I started stitching my clothes myself but still under mother’s strict observation.

No tight fitting or above knee dresses were allowed. Anyway we had to wear salwar, kamij with dopatta, so it didn’t matter much.

 Well, this story is not about my dresses but my first encounter with riots. 

Till then we were living happily in a cosmopolitan society.

We celebrated all festivals with same fervor and zeal. 

Then one day, over some love affair between a Muslim boy and a Hindu girl, everything changed. 

Both communities became thirsty of each other’s blood.

Everyone knows what happens in riots. How goons and fanatics from both sides lynch, loot and do all types of heinous crimes to innocent people from both sides.  

I will not go in details. I think my short story, I wrote way back will suffice.

‘Rioters burned the tailor’s shop. 

When the curfew was lifted, he came and sat down in despair on seeing the ramshackle shop.

Mother called him and offered him our old singer machine for the time he could buy his own.

He was thankful and offered to stitch our clothes for free.

 Mother strongly rejected the idea.

‘You need money to buy a new machine so start your business first to save money.’

Mother was a conservative Hindu and the tailor was a Muslim. 

Mother sowed a seed of compassion in me that day.’



Safar/ सफ़र

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मंजिल तो हर कोई देखो एक ना एक दिन पायेगा

कैसे बीता था सफ़र याद ये रह जायेगा
कौन था सफ़र में साथ,कौन साथ छोड़ गया
बना कौन सफ़र में सीढ़ी कौन हाथ छोड़ गया
लेखा जोखा इतना ही याद बस रह जायेगा
कैसे बीता था सफ़र याद ये रह जाएगा |
मुश्किलों में डटे रहे या थक के हाल छोड़ दिया
फूल मिले खुश रहे या काँटों ने तोड़ दिया
कैसे काटा था समय याद ये रह जायेगा
कैसे बीता था सफ़र याद ये रह जायेगा |
रास्ते अनेक थे मंजिल को पाने के
तुमने राह नेक चुनी थी मुकाम पाने को
अलग राह जो चले थे उनसे बवाल किया
या बिना मलाल तुमने सबको स्वीकार किया
राह कटी कैसे थी याद ये रह जाएगा
कैसे बीता था सफ़र याद ये रह जाएगा
मंजिल तो हर कोई देखो एक ना एक दिन पायेगा |

~ इंदिरा 

Home-A Month of Mini Writing Challenges

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A Month of Mini Writing Challenges

A Month of Mini Writing Challenges

I stumbled upon this challenge very late. It is already 27th Sep.

The theme is –

  • Day 27 – Write a poem inspired by the theme of “home” in less than 10 lines.

Home Sweet Home

Home is where the heart is

Heart is where the love is

Love is where the compassion is

Compassion is where the understanding is

Understanding is where the friendship is

Friendship is where the compatibility is

When all these make 

The four walls and the roof

 Then there a sweet home is

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Friday Fictioneers- Compassion

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Please click here for a wonderful story-


PHOTO PROMPT © Sandra Crook

PHOTO PROMPT © Sandra Crook (Thanks Sandra for this photograph, it brought back lots of memories of childhood.)


102 words


Rioters burned the tailor’s shop. It was opposite to our house.

When the curfew was lifted, he came and sat down in despair on seeing the ramshackle shop.

Mother called him and offered him our old singer machine for the time he could buy his own.

He was thankful and offered to stitch our clothes for free.

 Mother strongly rejected the idea.

‘You need money to buy a new machine. So start your business first and save money.’

Mother was a conservative Hindu and the tailor was a Muslim. 

Mother sowed a seed of compassion, for everyone, in me that day.




The Daily Post- Drop

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A drop of water, if it could write out its own history, would explain the universe to us.

Lucy Larcom

In one drop of water are found all the secrets of all the oceans.~ Kahlil Gibran


A drop of water in the desert
A drop of water in the ocean
A drop of water on the parched land
may amount to nothing
A drop of  kindness
A drop of love
A drop of compassion
to a parched soul
amounts to heaven 



The Daily Post- Leap

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The Daily Post- Leap

Leap of Faith


We were poles apart

Different from each other

In nature and looks

Like two opposite poles of a magnet

Attractected towards each other

Perhaps we were destined to come together

It seemed the whole universe

Conspired to bring us together

We bowed to the God’s will

And took the leap of faith

Friendship and love followed

Sometimes we were off the track

Sometimes on the track

Sometimes our paths were dark

Sometimes they were bright

But we were committed to keep

Our relationship firm and ever lasting

Compassion and compatibility

Made us bond together

And God set everything right




Nurturing Thursday- Friends

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One of the greatest titles we can have is “old friend”. We never appreciate how important old friends are until we are older. The problem is we need to start our old friendships when we are young. We then have to nurture and grow those friendships over our middle age when a busy life and changing geographies can cause us to neglect those friends. Today is the day to invest in those people we hope will call us ‘old friend” in the years to come.
~ Grant Fairley.


A Photo a Week Challenge: Tender Moments

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A Photo a Week Challenge: Tender Moments

These tender moments make me realize that love and compassion is alive inside me.



Writing 101, Day 2- Write a list/Things I have learned

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Things I have learned

It’s been a long journey, with many ups and downs, every morning brought a new challenge, every night brought this exhausted body to bed but sleep eluded me.

My mind tries to allure me to all negative thoughts. Trying to search the scapegoat to put blame on it for my sickness and failures and to take the credit for whatever I have achieved. I did not succumb to its game. I started introspection and came up with a list of the things I have learned so far from life. From life means from everyone, every creature of this world. If we keep open mind we will find that every creature has some lesson to teach you.

The first and the most important lesson was,

Never abuse your body. It will never forgive you. You will have to bear the consequences if you don’t follow the rules of nature.

2- Anger, hatred and revenge only harm you so tread on this path cautiously.

3- Love, respect and compassion, the more you give the more you get.

4- Give lots of ‘benefits of doubt’ to others. They may not have any intention to hurt you. (It worked in my case.)

5- ‘Everything in moderation’ is a Mantra helped me most in every aspect of life.

6- You have all the right to like or dislike someone but never let hatred seep in to your heart. Don’t be too judgmental. Be lenient with others feelings.

7- Learn to hear, hear and hear. Be patient with others. Give others a chance to explain their views.

8- Plant trees wherever possible.

9- Always put duties  before rights.

10- Count your blessings, be active and try learn new things.

11- You can never run away from you fears and negative thought. Face them and accept them. Then only you can resolve them. This is hard but not impossible.

12- Learn to take responsibility of your decisions, right or wrong. You are in this condition because of the choices you have made; no one else is responsible for that.

13- Appreciate and encourage others, everyone loves it.

14- Whatever you do it with whole heart so you don’t have to repent later.

15- Our most beloved friend and the most dangerous foe is our mind only unless you know how to use it. What games it plays with us and sometimes comes in a disguise so that we are not able to recognize it that it’s a friend or a foe.

!6- Breathing and other exercises really helped me to overcome my fears, sickness and negativity, and made me more compatible, compassionate and understanding person.

There are many more lessons I have learned but will leave them for the next task. One thing I would like to make clear that this is not just for the sake of writing, I have really benefited from them.

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