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The Daily Post- Drop

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A drop of water, if it could write out its own history, would explain the universe to us.

Lucy Larcom

In one drop of water are found all the secrets of all the oceans.~ Kahlil Gibran


A drop of water in the desert
A drop of water in the ocean
A drop of water on the parched land
may amount to nothing
A drop of  kindness
A drop of love
A drop of compassion
to a parched soul
amounts to heaven 


The Daily Post- Leap

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The Daily Post- Leap

Leap of Faith


We were poles apart

Different from each other

In nature and looks

Like two opposite poles of a magnet

Attractected towards each other

Perhaps we were destined to come together

It seemed the whole universe

Conspired to bring us together

We bowed to the God’s will

And took the leap of faith

Friendship and love followed

Sometimes we were off the track

Sometimes on the track

Sometimes our paths were dark

Sometimes they were bright

But we were committed to keep

Our relationship firm and ever lasting

Compassion and compatibility

Made us bond together

And God set everything right




Nurturing Thursday- Friends

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One of the greatest titles we can have is “old friend”. We never appreciate how important old friends are until we are older. The problem is we need to start our old friendships when we are young. We then have to nurture and grow those friendships over our middle age when a busy life and changing geographies can cause us to neglect those friends. Today is the day to invest in those people we hope will call us ‘old friend” in the years to come.
~ Grant Fairley.


A Photo a Week Challenge: Tender Moments

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A Photo a Week Challenge: Tender Moments

These tender moments make me realize that love and compassion is alive inside me.



Writing 101, Day 2- Write a list/Things I have learned

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Things I have learned

It’s been a long journey, with many ups and downs, every morning brought a new challenge, every night brought this exhausted body to bed but sleep eluded me.

My mind tries to allure me to all negative thoughts. Trying to search the scapegoat to put blame on it for my sickness and failures and to take the credit for whatever I have achieved. I did not succumb to its game. I started introspection and came up with a list of the things I have learned so far from life. From life means from everyone, every creature of this world. If we keep open mind we will find that every creature has some lesson to teach you.

The first and the most important lesson was,

Never abuse your body. It will never forgive you. You will have to bear the consequences if you don’t follow the rules of nature.

2- Anger, hatred and revenge only harm you so tread on this path cautiously.

3- Love, respect and compassion, the more you give the more you get.

4- Give lots of ‘benefits of doubt’ to others. They may not have any intention to hurt you. (It worked in my case.)

5- ‘Everything in moderation’ is a Mantra helped me most in every aspect of life.

6- You have all the right to like or dislike someone but never let hatred seep in to your heart. Don’t be too judgmental. Be lenient with others feelings.

7- Learn to hear, hear and hear. Be patient with others. Give others a chance to explain their views.

8- Plant trees wherever possible.

9- Always put duties  before rights.

10- Count your blessings, be active and try learn new things.

11- You can never run away from you fears and negative thought. Face them and accept them. Then only you can resolve them. This is hard but not impossible.

12- Learn to take responsibility of your decisions, right or wrong. You are in this condition because of the choices you have made; no one else is responsible for that.

13- Appreciate and encourage others, everyone loves it.

14- Whatever you do it with whole heart so you don’t have to repent later.

15- Our most beloved friend and the most dangerous foe is our mind only unless you know how to use it. What games it plays with us and sometimes comes in a disguise so that we are not able to recognize it that it’s a friend or a foe.

!6- Breathing and other exercises really helped me to overcome my fears, sickness and negativity, and made me more compatible, compassionate and understanding person.

There are many more lessons I have learned but will leave them for the next task. One thing I would like to make clear that this is not just for the sake of writing, I have really benefited from them.

Writing 201: Trust

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Writing 201: Trust– Day 3 is here — and so are questions of trust, acrostics, and internal rhymes.


I learned from my pet,                                                 ma14 (2)

How to love without affectation,
Trust without calculation,
Friendship without discrimination,
How to get adulation without manipulation
To forgive and forget without reservation.


Love, trust, compassion

Synonymous with friendship

True friends are  a bliss

Weekly Photo Challenge- Humanity

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Weekly Photo Challenge- Humanity





Five Sentence Fiction – Conflict

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Five Sentence Fiction – Conflict



Long sessions of meditations, satsang( company of pious people seeking truth) and introspection made me think that all my inner conflicts have vanished , I have learned to control my anger, and peace and calmness dawned on me.


I accepted that God has given us so many ups and downs in life to make us tough.


I realized that all religions teach same virtues love, compassion, kindness, harmony and compatibility and only some intolerant of follower spread hate and disturbance for their personal gain and power.


I understood completely that anger and greed are the biggest enemies and empathy and forgiveness are our biggest friend and liberate us.


But…when I read about rapists, terrorists and people who commit heinous crimes, through acid on others, oppress weak and poor, all thoughts of forgiveness evaporated, I wished I could make them stand in a line and shoot them, some people don’t deserve to live.


Poem- Dust in the wind

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Daily Prompt- Dust in the WindHave you made your bucket list? Now’s the time — write about the things you want to do and see before you become dust in the wind.


The Things I Want To Do


Whatever I’m today 

Because of the choices I have made

By following decisions I took

By following the path I choose 

And do whatever I could

In given circumstances.

Still some desires are there unfulfilled.

Though my age may not permit me,

I would like to climb the Himalayas

Travel around the world

 Dance on the clouds

 Go on a voyage

 Fly with the birds.

 But this is what I can still accomplish 

 Sing a lovely song of love and peace

 Write a poem on friendship, compassion and compatibility

 Give a smile to everyone I meet

 Help someone living his/her dream

 I pray to God please help me to fulfill

 Whatever whimsy ideas come in my mind

 Before I become dust in the wind.





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Somewhere in life

There must be someone

To take your hand

And share the torrid day.

Without the touch of friendship

There is no life, and we must fade away.


Sourse- Healing into Wholeness

Source- Healing into Wholeness

My take on friends and friendship

What are friends there for ?

If not for 
Care, concern and adulation
For being comfortable
In silence and communication
For supporting each other
In every difficult situation
For helping each other
Without humiliation
For accepting each other
Without any discrimination.

Some Haiku(s) 

1- Friendship can unite

     Different species together

     Miraculous bond

2- True friend and friendship

     Most rare and valuable gift

     Treasure it with care

3- Love, trust, compassion

    Synonymous with friendship

    True friends are a bliss 

4-  If all religions 

      Shed their animosity

       Friendliness survives

5- Who cares for color

     When bond of love is strong

     Friendship matters more

black and white


Size does not matter

Caste and creed may be different

Friendship cares for none


Friends! What’s your take on friendship, share with me .



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