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Writing 201: Trust

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Writing 201: Trust- Day 3 is here — and so are questions of trust, acrostics, and internal rhymes.


I learned from my pet,                                                 ma14 (2)

How to love without affectation,
Trust without calculation,
Friendship without discrimination,
How to get adulation without manipulation
To forgive and forget without reservation.


Love, trust, compassion

Synonymous with friendship

True friends are  a bliss

Friday Fictioneers- 30 Jan.2015

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Friday Fictioneers- 30 Jan.2015

PHOTO PROMPT - Copyright Ted Strutz

PHOTO PROMPT – Copyright Ted Strutz


My brain fuse was blown off the moment I saw his medical report.

My dearest friend, so young, so disciplined, so pure hearted, perfect, always ready to help others, has just 6 more months to live.

‘There may be some mistake’

No it’s true, he started crying bitterly.

I fumbled with all the switches in my brain to cheer him and me.

‘What a coincident!’ I started laughing,’ I too am diagnosed with it and have 5 more months to live.

He forgot about his illness. ‘So what shall we do?’

‘Just enjoy life, go for world tour or whatever we can afford.’

He smiled; ‘Okay I’m going to make arrangements.’

Small lie to cheer someone a sin?



Five Sentence Fiction – Fenced

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Five Sentence Fiction – Fenced


Our houses had a common wall, a very big veranda covering both the houses without any wall to bar us from going to each other’s house whenever we like.


For years our different religions were not an obstacle in our close friendship and life was great fun celebrating all festivals together, going to market, school, and picnic together.

Who could have thought that a little dispute between two communities, which did not even concern us, will give way to a riot and mar our very old friendship?

A fence was raised overnight between our veranda to stop us children from going to each other’s house.

Do elder’s ever think how do we children feel when religions stand as a barrier between our friendship, how helpless, miserable we feel?


Everyday is Friendship Day

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Somewhere in life

There must be someone

To take your hand

And share the torride day.

Without the touch of friendship

There is no life, and we must fade away.


Sourse- Healing into Wholeness

Sourse- Healing into Wholeness

My take on friends and friendship

What are friends there for ?

If not for 
Care, concern and adulation
For being comfortable
In silence and communication
For supporting each other
In every difficult situation
For helping each other
Without humiliation
For accepting each other
Without any discrimination.

Some Haiku(s) 

1- Friendship can unite

     Different species together

     Miraculous bond

2- True friend and friendship

     Most rare and valuable gift

     Treasure it with care

3- Love, trust, compassion

    Synonymous with friendship

    True friends are a bliss 

4-  If all religions 

      Shed their animosity

       Friendliness survives

5- Who cares for color

     When bond of love is strong

     Friendship matters more

black and white


Size does not matter

Caste and creed may be different

Friendship cares for none


Friends! What’s your take on friendship, share with me .


Six Word Story Challenge: Friends

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Six Word Story Challenge: Friends

My Story- Friends


” Friends never take friends for granted.”



” Friendship knows no bounds, only love.”

Wedding Anneversary

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Yesterday, 10th Aug. was my 42nd Wedding Anniversary. I wanted to write so many things but my daughter sent me a cartoon about in-depth observation  of my 42 years journey. I thought why waste words when a picture can tell a story perfectly.

So ENJOooooooooooooooooooooooY friends.



This is one of my old poems but fits the bill, I think.

leap of Faith


We were poles apart

Destined to come together

In the name of God,  love and friendship

We took the leap of Faith.

Sometimes our paths were dark

Sometimes they were bright

Our compassion and compatibility

Made us bond together

And God set everything right


Daily Prompt: A Friend in Need

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Daily Prompt: A Friend in Need

Finish this sentence: “My closest friend is…”-
by michelle w. on July 25, 2013

“My closest friend is my husband for whom I’ll always be there when need arises , despite all the arguments and differences, we are both there for each other.”


What are friends there for
If not for
Concern and adulation.
To be comfortable with each other
In silence and in communication.
For supporting each other
In every difficult situation.
For helping each other
without humiliation
For accepting each other
Without discrimination



Weekly Photo Challenge: Change

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Weekly Photo Challenge: Change

‘ The only permanent thing in this world is change.’

When two person marry, it does not only changes  their single status, but their attitude towards each other. They have to learn compatibility, caring and sharing. They have to learn to live with difference of opinions, to make compromises for each other. The glue which can make their marriage is friendship, love , compassion and commitment. In a way marriage changes their whole world. Well, these are my views, what my friends have to say about this, lat us see-

As my friend  Stevenhallbooks reminded me, I will add- good communication between spouses is a must for good relationship.

Indian Wedding Photographs-

Prompts for the Promptless – Ep. 8 – The Litmus

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Prompts for the Promptless – Ep. 8 – The Litmus–The Litmus Test is a test in which a single factor (as an attitude, event, or fact) is decisive.  In other words, it’s a single question test, not necessarily related to the information that is gleaned from the test.


Litmus test of any relationship/ friendship is when misfortune strikes or when there is darkness in life. Then only one comes to know about who is your true friend/ relative/ neighbour  is. The fake one will be there in good times and disappear when one really needs them.

Bitter but true fact

Even your shadow leaves you

When misfortune strikes

sad dog

Weekly Photo Challenge: Love

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Weekly Photo Challenge: Love

There are many formss of love besides parental love. Friendship, courtship, puppy love, love with animals and compassion. I hope pictures below depict love , most wonderful gift of God.


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