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Mundane Monday Challenge #109 : Learn Photography

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Mundane Monday Challenge #109 : Learn Photography

Writing 101, Day 4- Window

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Window- A Door To Freedom

‘My window is a door to my freedom’

So she thinks


When depressed

Freedom from all her woes and problems

Though it takes a lot of courage

To end one’s life

Her mind wanders away

Searching for an excuse

To drive away the negative thoughts

She thinks how she would look

Lying down there

All dismantled

Drowning in her own blood

It gives her a fright

Her courage lefts her

Wisdom seeps in

It reminds her

It’s not a nice way to die

Without fighting

No problem comes without a solution

Life is beautiful

Don’t waste it like that

Everyone loves a fighter

Not a loser

Don’t give up so easily

Count your blessing

It’s enough to change her mind