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Weekly Photo Challenge: “Today Was a Good Day.”

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In response to The Daily Post’s weekly photo challenge: “Today Was a Good Day.”

Today was indeed a good day as I got up with no pain or uneasiness at all. Felt like going to morning walk to a nearby park. The surprise there waiting for us was a pair of swans. My husband gave the something to eat (we usually take some sprouts gram or lentils for squirrels or birds). They got irritated at my husband and started making violent protest. My husband engaged in verbal fight with them. When suddenly the mail member attacked my husband, he tried to pacify them with soothing noise but failed to make them friendly. Finally they walked away disgusted, not feeling amused. Good thing for me, in this dramatic episode was I got good shots with my phone camera.


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  1. Swans aren’t very nice birds, Indira. Glad your husband wasn’t hurt!



  2. what a beautiful mindset!

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