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Mission Unsuccessful – Horror again

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Today, 16th May is my daughter Soma Mukherjee’s Birthday. She loves ghost tales, so this story is my gift to her.

Happy Birthday Soma, love, hugs and blessings.

Mission Unsuccessful

Pepe and Popo were two ghosts, unable to frighten anyone. On the contrary they were themselves frightened very easily.

There is one rule among ghosts that they have to scare people otherwise they will be expelled. Now , they tried very hard but failed. So they were Expelled .
Feeling very sad they were searching for some place to hide, lest other ghosts will laugh on them.

Then they found her house, they slipped quietly under her bed. Here they tried to scare her by making her things vanished. But to their disappointment, she scolded her maid and warned her to be careful.

Though they were happy there, but missed terribly their community .

They thought of taking help from a little sympathetic ghost Hoho, who has the power to take any form.

He accepted to help them.

He told them if he hides in something thing and it vanishes suddenly before her eyes, she certainly will be scare to death.

Pepe said ” Really? , why not hide in eggs or sausages which she eats in her breakfast.”

Hoho said ” no, no, she will either boil or fry them and you know I’m afraid of fire. More over if we burn us, all our powers will be taken back and we have to leave earth and live in space, where you can’t find anyone to scare.”

Popo said ‘ OK, so you hide in the apple, she daily eats an apple , and when she will go to have a bite vanish with it.’ Ho agreed.

They were very excited. This was the longest night for them. Though night and day are same for them for they don’t sleep. Hoho hid in the  apple , there was only one apple there, he felt happy.

In the morning she got up, brushed her teeth. She searched her fridge for something to eat. She found an apple. She was about to eat, but then suddenly changed her mind.
She kept the apple in the electric grille and switched it on.

She decided to eat grilled apple with cinnamon and sugar.

Apple Boo

Apple Boo- cartoon by Soma Mukherjee


About Indira

I knew all along that life is about, love, compassion, compatibility and friendship, but now I have discovered that life is also about sharing thought, encouraging others and getting encouraged. So here I am with my blogs about life, friendship, love, and whatever life has taught me.

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  1. Oh can we get hoho back to earth now? Awesome..I truly loved this story 🙂


    • Have to think of some other way, any suggestion?


      • Load-shedding after 2 mins She cannot eat the half grilled apple ; she throws it away . Hoho is half burned and half-powered now..He has to stay somewhere in the middle of earth and space and has to scare birds , helicopter , flight passengers to achieve full power once again . 😀 . Pepe and Popo are friendless now .. and together they start making a big plan now.. 2nd story starts :):)


      • OMG ARchita we think alike, I was going to post ” hoho ‘ returns with the same idea of power cut. Him without burning , but she deciced to roast it on the gas and he fled away…… etc. Very nice, thanks a [?]lot.


      • He he ..Thank you :)…You know what, I always enjoyed these kinda stories where ghosts are weaker than me ..haha..:) Your beautiful write ups remind me of my childhood addiction in many Durga Puja special children magazines ( which I still read thogh..never liked adult fictions and the idea of growing up )


      • Hi Archita, some wonderful stories I have read in ” Anondmela”. I love Bengali literature. I’m unable to get them here in Visakhapatnam. I can not write, it was my daughters challenge I took up. Thanks for encouraging me.


      • You write so well. Love every bit of things you write. I came to know your blog from Rara’s promptless link. That’s another great place to meet beautiful minds. 🙂 Yes, I still read AnandaMela during Durga Puja. Somehow always manage to get it ( even now at USA) Also, a few bengali comics like Nonte Phonte, Hada Bhoda , Batul the great ( used to come in a magazine called Shuktara) were so awesome..Nothing matches their standards now . But your stories do. I am in love with your stories. And I am being extremely honest here.


      • Thanks a lot, what a great compliment. You know few months back i was not able to write even two lines, my English is very poor. Don’t know about punctuations, grammar, rhyme or any thing. My mother tongue is Hindi, speaking Bengali for 42 years. Now writing in English, funny no?


      • hehe..I can totally relate to it. I am encouraging my Ma too to write. She reads a lot and spreads happiness. But, since I am away , she feels she is not confident about internet world. I wilI create a blog page for her once she is ready for a come back.:)I am a bengali, think and talk in english whole day at work..:( and at home taught husband to speak Bengali..his mother tongue is marathi but he knows only one language – English..:):)..I know marathi too and love that literature too , plus hindi , english, bengali :D..Blessed to know them all- makes my world bigger :):):) It’s great to know you here :):)I don’t miss a single post of yours.:)Don’t worry about punctuations or grammer. Thoughts matter. I get so busy sometimes that I do not recheck my writings. But I wasted three years in being busy and not doing what I wanted to do – writing is my love 🙂 So cheers to us !


      • You are so sweet. I have read Marathi lit. also, translation. I was in Maharashtra for 8 years. I loved it. I think My daughter created this blog for me, still decorates it and inspires me a lot. Daughters are really very caring. Thanks for your prompt reply. What time is it there? take care.


      • It’s 6 pm and Friday..:) you too take care:)


      • Its 6.30 am here. I hope I’m not disturbing you.


      • No No..It’s friday evening – free- and so I am on wordpress with chai and snacks; reading every other blog that I missed. 🙂


      • What you for week ends, go out?


      • Work, library hunting & vegetable buying at farmer’s market with husband,planning next week and meeting my sister ‘s family ..two days just vanish within a second 🙂


      • I can understand, when I was working it was same. Have a nice weekend.


      • You too..:) n will wait for the second part of the story 🙂


  2. Happy Birthday! Soma…Great story, Indira!


  3. oh no poor poor ghosts yikes
    thank you so much for this lovely story Maii one of my favourites 🙂


  4. Oh poor Hoho! Great story! 🙂 Please wish your daughter Soma a very happy birthday from me and tell her, great cartoon too! 🙂


  5. LOL – I thought I posted a comment – perhaps the ghosts swallowed them 🙂

    Anyway, now I know where Soma got her quirkiness from 🙂

    Happy Birthday to Soma and congratulations to her mother for giving us such a fun person.



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